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  1. Mine was of nothing but pure luck but it was funny!I don't use aegs much because I don't like spending alot on ammo so I stick to my sniper rifles in my case my master sniper with an upgraded spring. I was about 150 feet or so back when the round started I told my mates I would be behind them so lead the opponents back so I can pick them off. So sure enough I see my enemies coming back but they don't see me probably because im covered in leaves and hiding. I see the first one come up the VERY STEEP hill he was out of breath and had his m4 down perfect. I zoom in and get a perfect shot on cardboard armor aaha. I line my sights up and pull the trigger its off and bam hits his cardboard and hes out. The 2nd out of the three comes up the hill hes expecting me, so I stay extra quiet til I got a clear shot on his shoulder well it curved and hit his neck he was out. Then the reall action happens, the third kid only had dual crosman c02 c11's. So I take aim with my sniper it jams and then he notices me trying to unjam from around 200 ft away. I leave my gun and shed the ghille suit and leaves and go to pull out my sidearm which at the time was my green gas g18 by hfc I beleive and I go to pull it out of the holster and its not there my metal buckel on my holster had broken. So for the first time I use my attack knife a long silver spoon. So looking like a complete loser I grab my spoon and start the suicidal charge and this kid doesnt even seem scared hes sitting on a tree trunk. He pulls out his airmag c11 and aims and fires and the accuracy was so bad I was around 40 feet away getting closer and out of the 15 shots he fired he missed then I did a monstrous leap while screaming in german and stabbed his arm with my attack knife, and he started laughing not beleiving that just happened. I just stood there laughing oh my god how the heck did I just do that. well that was my best take down
  2. well I played airsoft for like 7 years then stopped the past year and I miss it, so considering I sold all my guns I need some advice on a gun. The A&K NDM 86 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle, I wasnt sure if this would go in snipers or spring guns also? So ive done alotttt of research on this gun and can someone just let me know some cons and pros of expierienced players. thank you
  3. I fixed it it was a problem with the mag and, it wasnt a crappy pistol it was $50 not cheap for a pistol!!
  4. Well its just an mp7 gearbox. An aep motor and gearbox isnt as strong as a aeg motor and gearbox if you want your gun to last long keep it at like 850, which is what I think the stock rpm is.:)
  5. I have family that lives in hawaii I don't think there are many stores my cousin has to order offline to get most of his guns. I do know there are several places to play try google.com :) have fun in hawaii man peace out
  6. Thanks a lot guys I really apreciate all the help I think I will buy like to or three batteries cause I get really chicken when I take apart an aeg cause I could break a lot more stuff
  7. Well I have been looking at it and man it looks cool just what I need a good cqb weapon because my games start off far apart then toward the end we are like 30 ft away from eachother. So I have just one question what is the battery life honestly I have been told 1500 rounds and I have benn told 500 so please if you know what it is please tell me, thanks:)
  8. Its just fine if you get pulled over and they see airsoft guns just make sure they are unloaded cause if they are loaded I think its a fellony a loaded firearm in public or something:)
  9. Omg I have had so many people do that I had one kid who had a crosman r76 open up on this kid with a spring ak and the kid was shot upwards from his stomach to his face and even though you could see where the bb went up his body he refused,
  10. Oh that must have sucked, for me it was when I got my first airsoft pistol and I was all excited (I was like 8 I think) And well I let my brothers fried use it and he jammed it so bad he just broke it!
  11. Ok I am gonna admit that taking mags out of guns is a pretty good tactic in cqb I have only done it once when my brother ran at me with his firepower glock so I took the mag out!!!HEHEHEHHE The only thing was when those kids came at me it was in an open field no cqb, it was kinda strange like a banzai but I gave those kids some props cause they ran at me from at least 100 feet away, it wasnt a good idea but those kids were fearless, so I told them they got guts and I gave one my sidearm,:)
  12. Well I played with a few people back in I think it was november and right in the middle of the round, I was about to charge and there whole team just made a wall of players and about half of them had aeg's and the rest just springers, and they just were in the open just pouring ammo at us and man it was about like 15mins before I could even get any ground.They would just kinda lay on the trigger and dang it was hard to finally get around and I finally flanked taking about 4 of them out then I got out. Does anyone know what to do in a situation in which you are just stuck and cant move I need to know in case they pull it again. Its not as easy as you would think it is to beat all those bb's coming at you.Oh and I had to resort to throwing tissues packed with bb's and throwing them which worked ok<can anyone help me with beating this firing squad?
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