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  1. SOLD!
  2. I'll take the PMAG shorties. PM sent.
  3. Please tell us more about clipped sniper springs. What brand/tension and did you just clip it down to the size of the stock springs?
  4. I am running Mag mid-caps on mine and only have issues with 0.20's. With Elite Force 0.25's, the Mag's feed all its bb's. I just got a couple of Star mid-caps recently and will try them this week and report back.
  5. I have a Stinger and not sure I follow. By barrel nut, do you mean the nut where a D-ring would be? If that is the case, using a barrel wrench - Something like this - I had no problems. Now the orange flash hider is a different story. I basically had to melt that sucker out of the way with a heat gun.
  6. We have one and I think it is strictly for CQB. You will be at a distinct disadvantage outdoors due to the MP5K's lack of range. True, you can upgrade it but upgrading that platform isn't easy. I can't even find a LiPo battery that will fit. If you really want an MP5 platform, I suggest the bigger versions and not the K.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I'll go with replacing the front & adding a PEQ box.
  8. Hello, Please pardon my question if it has been asked before. My search attempts returned no hits. We purchased a DBoys S-System last year and want to convert it to a CQB-R. My questions are: Is this conversion possible? What parts will I need? Where can I purchase the parts? Should I just purchase the CQB-R and sell the S-System? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
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