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  1. Like the topic says I am looking to buy/trade for a Paraclete/MSA Paraclete Cummerbund. Either a HPC or CVC cummerbund in smoke green, size medium with the zipper to secure it in the front. Willing to pay cash or trade multicam pouches for it.
  2. I know it has a WTB section, I have no knowledge of how to do this and none of the time to learn how, so I was curious to see what the approximate cost would be. I'm considering wither buy the upper itself and modding it and either putting in GBB internals or PTW internals.
  3. Hi all, I was curious if anyone in here could help me build a receiver and rail for my G&P AEG. I don't want trades or anything, just need the parts themselves. I don't have the time or know how to make them myself, or I would. Anyways, I would like someone to make me a replica of the Larue Tactical OBR 5.56 receiver and rail system/handguard. Don't need these right now, just before next March. Pics of the receiver and handguard are below.
  4. I would like to buy a G&P ACOG TA01NSN scope. Must have knobs, no ARMS levers. Just like this one here:
  5. No, they haven't been seen using the 6094 ever AFAIK
  6. I am looking to buy a Pre-MSA Paraclete Hard Plate Carrier in Smoke Green, size Medium. I am looking for the one with the zipper cummerbund. No armor is needed.
  7. The only thing they're issued is the RRV as part of the SFLCS kit, but most of them just wear Plate Carriers. TBH I haven't seen any recent pictures of Army ODAs rocking chest rigs. Its only been PC's AFAIK.
  8. I am looking to buy an Eagle Yote/ Beavertail Assault Pack in Multicam. Paypal ready!
  9. What vest is this guy wearing? Is it the Crye AVS?
  10. I am still looking for a set of Ranger Green MSAP shoulder pads. Have money ready, need these before the 23rd.
  11. I am looking to buy a few things, so I'll just list them all here. Most of this needs to be in FDE, becuase I live in the desert. SpecterDR style scope, must have 1-4x capability and be FDE. No red dots on top please. A M3X Long gun replica (real if you can give me a good price) in FDE PEQ-15 with working laser in FDE, preferablly rechargable. Element (again real if I can get a good price) dual switch in FDE Magpul AFG in FDE I am also looking for a set of Ranger Green MSAP shoulder pads, would really like to get a set of these. I have for trade 3 never used HSGI TACOs in CB, and a lightly used BFG Multi-Radio Pouch in CB
  12. I was looking at getting the First Spear Hinged 152 pouch, and putting a PRC-148 MBITR in there. Anyone know how it would fit? Should I just get a 152 replica instead?
  13. I am looking for a 500D Eagle MBITR pouch and 3 Eagle Industries double M4 Magazine pouches, all in multicam. I also need an RLCS Flash Bang pouch, and ranger green MSAP shoulder pads. Issued pouches are preferred, but I will take civilian mag pouches right now as well.
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