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  1. I dropped a g&p body on mine and it fit like a glove. It is very snug though but in my opinion that is good. For people saying it isnt worth it, don't listen to them. Some people would rather completely build a gun from a cheap base and build it at a slow pace which is what I did. It isnt like you are putting a polar star in it either... Anyways it is definately worth it. If you buy any other ak aeg under 200 bucks they will most likely have a pot metal body anyways.
  2. I kind of LOLed a little at the end of this statement. A DMR is NOT A SNIPER. Infact a DMR stands for Designated Marksmen Rifle... And you know what? A Designated Marksman wields that gun. A DM is just like any other foot soldier just with a semi auto, accurized version of an assault rifle. So basically you would wear what the rest of your squad is just with a more accurate gun... I do not understand what tard is sharing all of the false information about DMRs... Aside from that rant, Definately get a nice new battery for trigger response, Modify it to semi only, Mosfets are always a great choice, and definately focus the most on accuracy components and good compression. More compression means more consistency in fps which results in more accurate shots since you are getting the same shot every time rather than a 10 fps jump. R hop or flat hop is great, and a 6.03 barrel is also a great choice. Do some further research though on things like mosfets because they can be important for a dmr.
  3. I don't find it disrespectful at all.. So should you never buy any other airsoft gun other than tokyo marui? Since they clearly came up with the gearbox... That logic is so flawed so there is really no reason to buy stuff from the guy. Either it is just as good, or maybe it is crappy and you might as well spend the extra cash.. but we do not know yet. Anyways for that cheap I may end up buying some since I always like to have spare stuff for random guns I get. If I get some maybe I can do a side by side comparison since I still have an r hop patch left from my 1st batch.
  4. Well I am not going with a jumbo sized spring which is why I was looking at this motor. Plus you can buy them for really cheap. I might just pick one up and see how it goes. I wouldn't see why it couldn't pull an m120 or m130 considering stock motors can. I just would not go higher. Obviously if I was using an m150 I would certainly grab a jg blue or something along those lines.
  5. So I am in the market for a nice new motor, and I stumbled up on the ICS Turbo 3000 motor. It claims to be high torque and give good rof etc. I am building a Dmr with either an m120 or m130 spring. So what I am really wondering is if this motor could pull that load with for say a 9.6? Or a 10.8 if I go that route. I have done some research and I havent seen much on how much torque it has. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  6. Alright, If it was just sitting around compressed for a while collecting dust then yes that could be the problem. At the same time, the bucking could be worn or just not be getting a good seal from maybe drying out. Inspect the bucking, clean it properly and put it back in and see what happens. If not, than it must be the spring.
  7. Hey whats up guys. I have recently acquired a g36c in a a trade, I fixed it up and now it has become a project dmr. With that said, I need to get a g36k or g36e(preferred) front end. This means the barrel and the handguard. Now my problem is that everywhere I see they are either discontinued or out of stock and like never come back in stock. I have seen the g&p and classic army but they are rather pricey and im not really willing to spend that unless its a HAVE TO. So what I am really asking is if there are any kits on the market that are readily available. I think I saw on evike a handguard of the g36k but there is no barrel, so If someone could point me to atleast a proper g36k length barrel that would be great too. -Sorry if this is a stupid post but its killing me that there are no kits that I have been able to find and maybe there are on less "big" websites and google search hasnt given me good results. Edit: I found a g36k kit on evike.. it costs 70 dollars.. but then for 20 I can get this http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=31463 If someone could link me or tell me of some other barrel extension besides a silencer that would be great.
  8. If you remove the screw where the adapter is onto the receiver, and it just has a block with a hole on the side, then yes it should fit assuming its TM compatible. If it has standard stock tangs then no.
  9. I really do not understand the point of this thread. I feel like its pretty obvious and its stated all over the forum.. you are just adding another useless thread.. why bother?
  10. Sounds like we got a similar life but the only thing I don't do is drink(im under 21). Anyways back to the topic, I have seen people in their 30s playing.. I am sure there are people older than that.. Its a really fun sport so I wouldnt see why there should be an age at which you shouldnt play.
  11. I had disassembled the gun and made it to where the gun would feed then put it back together. Once I took the mag out and re inserted it though.. It wouldn't feed again. Its late at the moment but tomorrow I will do further testing. This gun has just been a pain though.. And the mag catch isn't a full rectangle.. Its angled up a bit and that could be one of the problems.
  12. Hey folks. A while back I traded for a problem m4 figuring I could fix it. It is the smith and wesson m&p-15(metal variant) and the damn thing wouldn't feed. The mag well is clearly over-sized making the mags sit loosely. I was recommended to put in some velcro as it would take away that space which I did and then the gearbox broke. So where am I now? Well, although I got a working gb in it, the gun still wont feed. This gun is really stressing me out and I really want to make it work but it just wont. Has anyone ever had experience with these guns or this problem? If I need to buy a new body for it, I will but thats just less money I have for further upgrades. All help is greatly appreciated!
  13. looks great but why would you uninstall the r-hop? It really only comes with benefits.
  14. basically what vanevery said. I also am going to be working on an m4 dmr. Keep in mind that if you upgrade the length of your inner barrel, you will have to replace your cylinder so it has no ports. Besides that you can always increase your fps a bit. An m130 with some nice airseal mods can go a long way with some good hopup/barrel components. Also I would recommend .3s or higher as it will aid your range and accuracy. Good luck with the build!
  15. why is it slim? Leading your target helps to hit them. It is not the fact that you don't hit them but the fact that they just don't feel like calling it. My friend does it all the time and it makes me mad.
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