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  1. Available from overseas retailers.
  2. Eagle Industries SPC First Spear retro-fit cummerbund kit Eagle Industries admin pouch Pig hydration carrier w/ Source 2L bladder Blackhawk medic pouch 5.11 Tactical double magazine pouch x2 (one outside, one in kangaroo pouch) HSGI TACO pistol pouch x2 Eagle Industries MBITR pouch Team Wendy training SAPI plates 29 lbs. on the scale with magazines, toy radio and empty hydration bladder.
  3. Swapped out the handguard and light setup.
  4. I'm almost finished with my SBR LM4... Received my GHK AK105 after spending a week with CBP.
  5. Update to my original post: I got my GBB AK in. It did take a week to process through CBP, but I still got it.
  6. The trademarks may have been covered up before importing to the states.
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