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  1. Bump! Stock lowered to 50$ shipped as shown!
  2. No thread crapping, shipping is done through UPS for rifles, etc, paypal only, and no trades at the moment unless you have a silver P226 Metal body. Starting with a Marushin Mossberg M500. This thing is awesome. Literally no problems with it and it shoots awesome when I tested it with the few 8MM I had lying around. Chronos at 412 if it just shoots a single shot, but 290 with 3 shots on .34s. Range is really decent. ABout 100 feet accurate then the BBs begin to fly off. ONLY problems with it are the fact that the Ghost ring sights are gone and one of the Deepfire charging handle arms broke, but was fixed with white underwater JB weld. Super strong stuff, its not going anywhere. Its got a lot of wear from usage, but still hauls just like any Marushin. IM asking 200$ plus shipping OBO. Rare G&D MKI style folding stock for the AK series. ANy AK 74 that has a folding stock and is a Dboys, it will fit just fine. BUt the Cyma receiver is too tight. It has been modded to fit like a fulll stock on comas, which just meant some grinding to the mounting bracket. Still mounts solidly as hell. Either way, its not easy to come by and gives your gun a super unique look. WIll come with the Element rubber buttpad shown. Asking 50$ shipped.
  3. I have a TM P226 stainless model for sale. Comes with an upgraded AIP loading nozzle, an extra Element loading nozzle, KJW mag, and a G&G Tough case. I'd like to see 160$ for all of that. BUt without the case, I would like 130. Trademarks are intact. Your inbox is full so if this sparks your interest, PM me.
  4. Pretty much what the title says. I'll pay your price for it if you have one.
  5. PM me with offers. Shipping done through USPS unless you want it done through UPS. No lowballs. Not looking for trades other than complete V2 gearboxes. Enjoy! 2 JG VSR-10 parts guns. great basis for a custom build. Both need triggers, hop up assemblies could use work. No mag catches, cylinders are in unknown condition, etc. They are for parts and come with a single mag. 30$ plus shipping. Defile any TM AK variant with this bad boy! Madbull Noveske 16in recon barrel and JP enterprise handguard on a Matrix AK front end adaptor. Eveything comes as shown. JP handguard was sand blasted and recoated with krylon black. It isn't the most durable paint, but it looks just fine. The previous owner gouged up the barrel nut pretty bad, but I fixed most of it with a dremel. I WILL part this out. 30$ for the handguard, 40$ for the barrel, and 20$ for the adaptor. The whole assembly is 80$ plus shipping. Airsoft Elite 4000 MAH large type crane battery. Very(!) powerful. Wired to DEANS. 15$ plus shipping GEMTECH .45 Madbull suppressor. CCW. 15$ plus shipping 9.5in M4 steel barrel. KEPT 2 sets of systema energy gears with ok condition bevel and a full pinion.20$ plus shipping AMP 5000L motor. Needs a D pinion. 20$ plus shipping. PM for pics. JG Vltor Modstock. SOLD JG PTW style crane stock with foam. 15$ shipping Painted KWA crane stock. SOLD ECHO 1 RAS 2. Missing clamp to secure the rail fix. 20 plus shipping G&G RIS with all mounting hardware-15$ plus shipping GSG traded MP5 metal body-20$ plus shipping
  6. Hey all, I'm looking for some tanaka or marushin revolvers. I'll look at all designs, but I am extremely interested in SAA models and anything with a long barrel. PM me with offers thanks! I also hav multiple things to trade if you are willing. Price Range of 100-230$.
  7. G36K has been sold. Lots of interest on the Barrett, but no one ever follows through.
  8. Well, here it goes. On January 29th I placed an order for the new ARES MS700. I payed with paypal and got express shipping. Alright cool. Three days go by and I get a conformation email but no tracking number. I sent an order enquiry wondering if the item had been shipped yet. The next day I get an email with tracking stating the item was shipping on the 31st. Ok so they were late on giving me a tracking number, no big deal. It gets to Chicago US Customs on the second. From there, it sat in customs for 5 days, making me nervous as all heck. Finally I get the notification that it is outbound out of customs and I'm pretty happy. Then, when it says it was sorted, it goes unclaimed. I figured it was an error so I called the post office help line and get the response, "I'm sorry sir, but we can't release the information on why it was unclaimed. The shipping party needs to come in contact with us." OK great, its Chinese new year. I sent Redwolf some Emails during the week to see if I could get a response, no luck, just got the auto response telling me they would be back Thursday. So I send them a message on Facebook, to which someone responses to me telling me there was nothing they could do during the Holiday. Really? Noone could pick up the phone and call USPS to get it sorted out? Nope. Alright fine, I'll wait. By then I figured the package was on its way back to Hong Kong. So I wait until Thursday and send another email. No response. Friday I send another, no response again. Saturday, another email, another day without a response. Sunday, nothing again. So Today, Monday February 18th, I filed a dispute through paypal. Within 3 hours I get a response apologizing for the lack of communication and the shipping error. I am now awaiting the next response to see if I will be getting my refund as I don't even want to deal with the frustration of waiting for the package anymore. I can spend my money elsewhere. Now I don't know why I didn't receive my package, but I assume Redwolf labeled it wrong or something along that line. I can understand the holiday as well, it is your break, go have fun! But when you repeatedly ignore my requests for help on the subject and wait until I file a dispute, thats just wrong. I've dealt with overseas companies before and never had an issue. But after this fiasco, Redwolf won't be seeing my buisiness again. I'll stick with Ehobbyasia. Moral of the post, Redwolf took my money and gave me nothing in return, not even a little help or effort.
  9. No thread crapping. Use PM's as they come to my email, which comes to my phone. ALL PRICES ARE OBO. LOW OFFERS MAY BE IGNORED. Sold as is. If there are any, all problems have been stated CLEARLY. Prices do not include shipping unless it says "Shipped" next to it. Ask for more pictures if you want them. ONLY trades I am looking at are Tan PTS masadas with rails. NOTHING ELSE. ~Starter Package: JG G36K With Private Parts M4 mag adaptor SOLD' ~Cyma AK-104 This thing is a monster! Never had an AK variant similar to this one. It shoots great, almost too good to be true. Upgrades include: Madbull 6.01 TBB, SHS hop up arm, upgraded hop up, internals are upgraded, but I haven't opened it to make a list. I know for a fact that the motor is a short JG Red and it has an active breaking mosfet. I set up a small 11x8 target at 250 feet and was able to hit it 6/10 times. The previous owner did some NICE work to it. If it doesn't sell, it will become my new primary. Asking 200$ plus shipping. Include TWO working Echo 1 flash mags and one parts flash mag. Steel Gun metal 9.5in outer barrel-20$ shipped Madbull Noveske 16in Recon barrel. Silver colored, LNIB. 55$ OBO G&P SPR rear sight-SOLD JG S-System rear sight-SOLD G&P Delta ring-SOLD 2 Packs of FG XTMs and one pack of black-20$ shipped (Not pictured): G&G CM Freefloat rail, nice alternative to M4 hand guards-25$ shipped Snow Wolf M99 In great condition! Comes with 3 mags and a Falcon bucking. Has an upgrade kit installed. Ball bearing spring guide, metal piston, 500 fps spring. Shoots Very hard and straight. Shipping with this thing will be a bit expensive, so PM me with your location and we can go from there. Asking 190$ plus shipping* TWO sets of Systema Energy Helical gears Comes with two sets, one with the damaged bevel, the other with an OK condition bevel. 40$ shipped for both Got them cheap because it doesn't have a pinion. The bevel was evidently run with an incompatible pinion so is a bit chewed. I haven't been able to source a pinion, but you could get another brand bevel gear to use a regular pinion. Offer up on these!
  10. Cant'd edit my original post. Will be posting a new thread as alot of this stuff isn't available.
  11. Baltimore wins! Bump! Prices lowered for the Ravens! M99-190$ plus shipping G&P Vltor-435$ shipped G&P KAC-230$ plus shipping
  12. I caved in and purchased an MS700. After seeing that review over on AirsoftNA, I was convinced I could work around the trigger. If worse comes to worse I'm sure I can find a way to modify VSR seers and pieces, after all they don't look too different.
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