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  1. Here are threads, retrieved by simply searching "real ris kwa" in the search bar provided by asf. RISes made for TM don't fit, but really any other ris will fit. This one is almost the exact same question as yours, but for an m16, but like the 4th post is in regards to kwa m4s as well. This is getting kind of ridiculous.
  2. Correctly? just because he is using the thumb break method of holding it doesn't make it "correct." It is one type of hold, not the only right way. Been watching a bit too much magpul have we? Regardless and on topic, well made video, questionable team name.
  3. What's up with all the attempted thread jacking? It's getting ridiculous. Despite other's retardation, this is a really good example of: nice gear doesn't just come all at once, it really takes time and finding what you like/don't like to build up a good kit. Great thread, and nice gear.
  4. I've always thought that those backpacks were pretty small, but on you it looks like a god damn ruck.
  5. Why not just get a polar star drop in box, infinitely more consistent, not all that much more expensive and adjustable fps
  6. Ranger inspired? Howso... Just about never do rangers use RRV's, or silly avian flu suits. Same with pretty much all your gear... besides it being RG. Harsh, but is it really ranger inspired? First step IMO would be a block 1 or 2 m4. Then a MSAP with RLCS pouches.
  7. I would also consider getting a nice hopup, it makes a real difference, especially with the fusion engine.
  8. The only short ones I am familiar with are CYMA, which should work in a tm mp5k. You can find them here.
  9. Not that it needs to be said, but that's illogical in the running metaphor. Also the recipient of the pistol whipping.
  10. I think a running list of guns illogical has broken is also due, Daytona Gun AK KWA SR7 KWA SR10 JAC DX VFC AK
  11. A free place where all can express their opinions and funny/relevant stories about illogical without judgment or punishment. This can be anything pertaining to illogical, or not...lol.
  12. Bit of fuzz all around, but other than that, I count it a success.
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