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  1. I did try and I managed to shoot the entire mag but I wanted to know if that was the problem or I just got lucky
  2. hmmm I don't see a section for rifles maybe I have to wait until a admin valdiates me and btw my new question is that if you don't turn the gas facing down when you fill the mag does less get in the mag? I think this is the reason my gun only shot 5 rounds
  3. sorry for double posting I think I found out the problem I was filling my magazine with the tank facing up and I should of filled it with the propane facing down would that make a difference on the amount of gas thats in the mag?
  4. No um like after shooting 5 bbs I hear a hiss sound from the gas escaping the mag, when this happens I noticed that the grey bolt didn't blow back all the way
  5. Lock the bolt back?????? I noticed that when the mag releases all the gass the gun shoots with a different sound and the gray blowback piece doesn't come all the way back up
  6. umm is there a way for me to fix that or do I ahve to send my gun back? edit and also I cant find the thread even with the link maybe you can tell me the title
  7. okay I lubed my barrel and its fine now whats happening is that my gun would only shoot around 5 rounds then release all of the air how do I fix that or should I replace it? edit* can you give me a link to Arnies page
  8. loki can you help me the problem is that the barrel is really thin and its barly larger than the 6mm bb so it gets jammed and cant slide through is there anyway that I can fix it or should I just replace it? and my grammer was really bad before I corrected it
  9. I bought it from airsplat and a company called we mads it, also its a gbb thanks for the reply and I fixed my grammer
  10. soz for double posting but please reply cuz I gotta know if I need to return the gun is the bb supposed to be a tight fit on the barrel because my gun keeps jaming and I found that it was the problem and what can I do to keep my gun from jamming or should I just return it
  11. So I recently bought a we m4 and it got delivered today atfirst the gun was fun but after like 20 shots it began having problems, I had a problem where the bolt thing would recoil all the way into the butstock where the spring is and I had to disassemble the entire gun to fix it , I realized that the reason that happened was that the bbs would keep getting stuck in the barrel and I had over 20 bbs jammed in there I used a unjamming rod and cleared out the barrel and I tried rolling some bbs through it and noticed that the barrel is a little thinner than the bb itself is that supposed to happen cuz my gun keeps getting jammed after 2-3 shots also im using airsplat .20 g bbs and propane with silicon oil instead of green gas thanks for the help ahead of time
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