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  1. Sorry, missed your post. I'm willing to consider trades, but I'm primarily looking for $.
  2. RULES: Paypal Only Prices are Shipped I can insure a package, but it will cost more I may add more items later, but this is the mainly what I want to sell. I poured a ton of work into this thing, but now I hardly use it, so it's time to let it go. Upgrades include: Noobies TDC Noobies tru-fit bucking and sleeve PolarStar 45 degree piston head Laylax reinforced sear PDI 2nd sear EdGI 6.01 Bull barrel(435mm) 170 spring Laylax(I think) spring guide TM precision hop-up chamber Laylax S.A.S CLOCKWISE thread adapter NC-Star 3-9x40 scope Mods include: Left-handed bolt(can be switched back to right) Adjustable stock(kind of stiff and creaky, but the stock would be too long anyway if it was adjusted back any) Rear of stock filled with weights and foam, front of stock is filled with non-drying modelling clay Tighter cylinder guide(makes the bolt pull stiff, but keeps the cylinder head going in straight) Beveled cylinder head Duct tape barrel bushings Sponge Paintjob Issues: Some threads have stripped, mainly the rear thread on the rail and the one on the trigger guard, I normally held the back of the rail down with a ziptie and the trigger guard doesn't move even without it's screw. Bipod and Scope Included! Asking $300 for the whole thing, I'm willing to part out only if pretty much everything is spoken for.
  3. The zero trigger has it's own sears. I'm pretty sure all zero triggers use a 90 degree sear, so you just need to make sure you get a 90 degree piston. I'd get a new cylinder head. The stock one meh, and I'm pretty sure the Laylax head is tapered. The TK barrel is cool and all, but isn't any good at high fps, so go for a high quality regular barrel. The bolt handle is cosmetic, so that's up to you. I personally just modded the stock bolt to lefty.
  4. Great, thanks for the help guys, this will make it much easier on my wallet.
  5. Wait, you mean the new one? Or the old ferrous one? If you mean the new one, do you think it can pull an m160?
  6. I'm not really sure how to tell, if I look down the top of the motor I can see a silver ring going around the motor.
  7. I'm putting together a DMR and I noticed that a jg blue motor I had laying around seemed pretty strong, so I was wondering if it was the neo version and if it would be good enough for an m160 spring? Is there any way to tell if it's a neodymium one? I swept it over my messy desk and ended up with this: pic I'm trying to keep this as cheap as possible and it would help if I didn't have to order a motor over seas(everyone in the US seems to be out of the good motors).
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