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  1. Not entirely sure where my scope is right now, so I'll have to do without. CA M15A4 CQB base gun CA SPR kit Matrix M160 dropin gearbox (stock aside from a KWA piston head) + Matrix 3000 motor AJAX STS Madbull 6.01 + Flat hop MOSFET + 14.8v battery All natural, baby! No fake wear and tear here.
  2. Stay away. You can almost always find a used CYMA Thompson for sale for $100ish as it is; I have no idea what this abomination really is (brand), but it has a plastic body. Not good.
  3. I don't know the first thing about PTW/CTW electronics, but my money is on the ECU. If a MOSFET is dead, it tends to lock open. If this gun isn't firing, then the problem should be internal, as opposed to in the MOSFET.
  4. Classic Army Mk12 Mod 0 1. Base coat of Rustoleum rusty brown primer, dry overnight 2. Wide stripes of Krylon tan 12-18" inches apart at an angle down the side of the rifle, dry for 15 minutes 3. Break up edges of tan stripes w/Krylon OD, dry for 15 minutes 4. Slight misting of brown again, dry overnight 5. Snakeskin entire gun VERY lightly with Krylon tan. I did the same thing on the scope and red dot, but as you can see I snakeskinned it a little more heavily than the gun. Oh well, still looks good.
  5. I prefer not having to actually walk towards people to shoot them.
  6. You need to find out what your COM port is. Type "Device Manager" in the Start search box, then look under USB devices for the cable. Change that setting in the Puxing program, and you should be fine. I did that a couple of months ago with a couple of Puxings, and them same also applies for TYTs, Wouxuns, etc.
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