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  1. Would you kindly bestow upon me a link to these fine scopes of which you speak? Edit: Thank you for confirming the mount, I wasn't sure if that one would work.
  2. It's a good springer but it doesn't come with the scope mount or anything else really. Just hoping anyone who has owned this could give me some insight. Recommend some mounts or scopes that have worked for you.
  3. There's an airsoft game tomorrow at Sequoia and my idiot friends registered me without sending me a waiver form. If anyone, please let you be here, has gone to a Sequoia game in California please help me get a waiver form, if you have a copy or something. I'm pretty much trying everything at this point.
  4. True, I may not need the metal body. But I reallly like metal, I'm not a fan of the plastic. It has a crane stock, and I really like it so I'm going to keep that. Also the barrel is way too short, so I want to convert it to an M16.
  5. Alright, here's the funny part. Right after I asked this question and logged off, my father surprised me with a late Christmas present that turned out to be the Sportline M15A4 Carbine. You cannot comprehend how surprised I was. In any case, I still have around $200 I was going to spend on the actual gun left now for upgrades. I was thinking Madbull tightbore barrel, metal body (because it's the ABS plastic one), RIS rails and a 9.6v battery. Of course, I'm open to helpful suggestions. Any thoughts?
  6. I'm thinking about getting it, because every freakin SCAR at AEX is four hundred bucks and Evike doesn't have any in stock. I really wanted a SCAR... Just a few questions for anyone who knows of it: Is it full metal? I looked it up and info varies from high quality ABS plastic to full metal. And if I get it should I buy a better battery? Just need to know how much money I should bring to next AEX visit. Or if I should bring any at all, seeing as a few of you could jump in here saying it sucks. Answer away.
  7. Personally I recommend the "TSD M1911 Caspian" full metal gas blowback. To follow the 1911 trend I hear about (apparently everyone gets them? I don't know), it has really good feel, eh..great gun. It's all metal. Well, I've had it for a while and it's certainly a great gun but I'm not a reviewer, I don't know what else to say. Especially because I have literally no experience with other blowback guns. In any case, get what you want, this is a simple suggestion. (it's around $100. I'm not sure exactly, mine was a present.)
  8. My apologies about the avatar and retarded question. Acting on a whim and asking a forum without thinking about it was probably a bad move. Never mind anyway, I'm going to Airsoft Extreme next week where the kind vendor there will be glad to help me choose an AEG. Disregard this topic.
  9. Brilliant, now I don't have to purchase new high cap mags. Thank you for the speedy replies!
  10. Does the Echo 1 SCAR take all M4 mags? Or does it have an elitist attitude and not allow certain companies magazines fit into it? Like some high class prostitute that makes you feel like even more of a jackass by refusing your business because you look like too much of a pretentious git.
  11. I do not want an M4, M16, or any variations of the two. $200 or less. I think I'd like either a SCAR or P90. Not sure, I'll work with what looks good, is preferably full metal, and what won't die on me. Also, no Mp5's, no M14's.
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