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  1. Oh my god I forgot about the G42!!!!!! That is EXACTLY what I want!!!! Sorry OP, I don't mean to thread jack, I just love the compact stuff in real steel and AS as well.
  2. Have you tried WGC? I may have one floating around but I have to dig deep in the basement.
  3. I too have been in search of the smallest GBB and have come across only a few that are decent enough to work with, and are TRULY compact in MY OPINION.... -TM/KJW G26/27 -Umarex/ VFC M&P9c -TM Detonics .45 -Some random little tiny plastic gbb that looked like a mini PPK/s and while completely made of plastic (frame, slide, suppressor, mag etc.) it really was a neat little GBB. The Glock platform has more mods than I can mention allowing you to do anything you can think of for the most part. I have a few TK/KJW and KSC/KWA G26/27 builds that were a BLAST to do, and frankly are the reason I've come back to the sport after a few years. The Detonics was one of the single coolest GBB I have ever seen and I miss it terribly. If you have the opportunity, BUY ONE. You will never regret it. When I had it I didn't realize there were actually sooooooo many options in the aftermarket. Mine was stock and it was still a blast to do drills and situational training with my son (who was ~8-9 yrs old at the time.) With my nephews involved it became a family thing for all of us to have target practice in the garage, and this is where the size really came into play: the kids have small hands!! Sorry for the novel, I am going to watch this closely as I am still in search of something more compact than the run of the mill midsized GBB's on the market.
  4. Thank you for this. Is it then safe to assume there are also no replacement parts? I mean, factory stock replacements if something breaks...
  5. /\ /\ /\ correct sir, thus my saying the WE parts NOT being compatible for my needs. it is really a shame as this version (the VFC/Cybergun version, just so we are clear) is absolutely handsome and shoots really REALLY well out of the box. ultimately, I would be totally fine with no upgrades at all, it IS that good. I just like to tinker and build etc etc (for those that remember me, you know what I have built, for those that don't remember me, I will say that I have loads of fun with the compact pistols.
  6. I just came across this at my local store, and my son got it. Now, I LOVE upgrading things to a ridiculous and I have not found a SINGLE THING for this piece! Does anyone know of ANYTHING available for it? I do know the WE version is absolutely NOT compatible in any way. And while this thing is great out of the box, let's face it, ANYTHING can be made better. I am open to any and all suggestions! TIA -Michael
  7. many many many places have these. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/catalogsearch/r...80&q=o+ring uncompany, redwolf, airsoftgi, etc. plus, you can get a kit from a local automotive store like the following to use as well ( I have in the past) this is what I have laying around for times like this...
  8. finished my "nite sights", made from luminous powder used for watch hands and dials. usually I go white/blue (day/night) but I went white/green this time. they are BRIGHT...... one more for fun.....
  9. I do not see why not, yet I would use something more viscous, more of a grease per se. but yes, it should work well. the only thing I would suggest is targeting how precisely you want this plastic to "hug" the pistol. if it is too conformed, it will be hard to draw the weapon, if it is too loose it it will not hold the pistol well. just a thought. I have yet to come up with a solution for that.
  10. understood, yet you have clearly not spared an expense with the sidearm ;) in my (albeit limited) experience with these materials, a swift coating of VO5 hair product is sufficient to keep plastics, paints, and other unwanted materials from sticking to plastic, wood, and metal. sounds silly, yes. but it works also. perhaps if you found the ingredients of the VO5 hair product, you could find something around the house that has the same? just a thought.
  11. what type of side arm is said replica? I would bet dollars to doughnuts there is a KYDEX IWB and/or OWB option for whatever gun you are referring.
  12. OP, review the following. Plenty of information to answer EVERY question one could have about Marui Glocks..... http://www.airsoftcanada.com/showthread.php?t=140496
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