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  1. Last I checked I was getting over 100 shots on a single 12g. That is from 80psi (with my tanaka m700) -160psi (with my kjw mk1 carbine), both were yielding over 500fps with .40g . Until the pressure drops below your output, you will not loose fps. All it takes is a quick look at the gauge to see if you are running low, or how many mags you have shot.
  2. 30/30 shell will work. I tried a Winchester 30-30 shell and it fit perfect around a vsr bucking.
  3. Thanks for the explanation, now that I think about it it makes sense. I guess what I was saying about the LP kit for the stabilizer is whether it is more consistent than the HP one. All regs have a sweet spot, where it will be the most consistent.
  4. if you are on a budget, for $45 bucks you can get this.
  5. That means that the sear is not catching the cocking piece. Take your trigger assembly out and make sure the spring is the right place and free to move the sear up and down. You may want to slightly sand/polish both sides of the sears to reduce friction. This video shows how the trigger assembly id put together.
  6. You can also make the inner diameter of your nozzle smaller, which basically lowers the amount of gas going out. This way you don't have to worry about loose bolts and springs...
  7. It comes down to your budget... If you can afford a Tanaka, go for it. If you like tinkering with your gun, go with the KJW because it will need more work in the long run. I say this from experience. I have had a stock tanaka aics and I have upgraded a KJW for my brother in law. The KJW had a 6.01 edgi, nineball bucking, custom nub, steel striker, g&g magazine upgrades, rubber set, gas connector spring, other DIY upgrades, and a CO2 rig using 12g and palmers regulator. The biggest problem you will find with the KJW is that it is not easy to keep everything centered. As an example, if you use a bipod, it will throw the accuracy off by much. As you tighten the bipod, it warps the stock and the stock will warp the inner barrel and everything else. There are ways around that, but like I said, you will have to do more work to it compared to the Tanaka. As far as accuracy and consistency goes, the KJW had more range compared to the Tanaka, but the Tanaka was more accurate under 200ft. Both had inconsistent shots during the first few shots. The tanaka comes with a 6.05mm inner barrel, the bucking is concave shape and it is hard to find replacements. The bucking that comes with the g&g rubber set will not fit the Tanaka. You can check here to see how the Tanaka hop up works. This is my experience with both guns, others may have different opinions...
  8. That's how I understand it works too. I don't know why they say 1800 psi max input 3000 psi in high pressure format. I have the same regulator, how do you like yours? I thought about getting the low pressure spring kit, but I don't know if it will be worth it... std is 0-700 and low pressure is 0-300 or 0-200.
  9. A lot of us here have been using 12g CO2 cartridges and there are a few options out there. After doing some research and having some experience with them, Here are our options: Crossman 12g: Easy to find, fairly cheap, sometimes you find duds, inconsistent fill, C02 is greasy and dirty. Grease/oil on the bucking will result in poor accuracy and consistency. RAP4 12g: Mostly found online, about $.50 ea. or less, fairly consistent fills, clean CO2. Found Here. Leland 12g Food grade: Online, about $.40 ea. or less, very consistent fills, food grade CO2. Found Here. ICO trading bulk 12g: from Canada, expensive, food grade CO2 and consistent. Found Here. There are others such as Daisy premium 12g and Copperhead's. I have used the copperheads and they seem to be similar to the crossmans. I will give the Daisy's a try and see how they perform. So our best bet is to go with food grade quality 12g CO2, cheap in bulk, clean, and consistent fills! Have to pay for shipping though...
  10. I've been in those shoes before. Here is how I started:6.0ft <AT> 17 I weighted 130lb, started to work out 4-5 times a week for about 1 hour, chest + triceps one day, back + shoulders, and legs + biceps. Low reps and a spotter is a must for some exercises. Within 4 weeks I gained about 17lbs. I was eating about 250g of protein daily meals and shakes (nitrotech). Calorie intake in the 5000 range. I also took cell-tech by muscletech for 8 weeks to give me a strength boost ( worked for me, may not work for others) . My bench press went from 145 max to 245 in 12 weeks or so. Within 3 months I was at 170lbs, 5% body fat. The key is to understand your body, in my case my metabolism is very fast and if I skip a meal I loose weight, so if your metabolism is fast, eat and don't skip meals or you WILL loose muscle mass. Stick to a workout plan and find a friend to jump in with you to help you stay motivated. Motivation is the biggest thing... and if the summer beach trips are in your mind full of pretty girls looking at you, work those abs out as often as you can! If you want to get big... A good friend of mine became a bodybuilder in 1 and a half years going from 160lb to 255 13% body fat. He got second place in the Knoxville classic competition after leaning down to 215lb. He was skinny his metabolism was fast and from day one he was fully motivated. He worked out 5-6 times a week (really specific workout plans, bodybuilding.com is full of info on that) and if he wasnt sore the next day he would get pissed! He ate like a mule though... He took protein shakes all day and ate turkey and ricotta cheese for lunch almost every day! So, that is just to tell you that your body will adapt to whatever situation you may put it through.
  11. The palmers stabilizer (male, std 0-700 psi) is rated <AT> Max input psi: 1800 (High pressure format 3000). If you have a higher input pressure, you can put a screw in reg. on your tank like the ninja air HPA reg, which brings the pressure down to 600 psi I believe.
  12. My name is Rafael, 24 years old, and I have been playing airsoft for about 2 years now. I am currently a senior at TN tech university in Manufacturing and Industrial Tech. Engineering degree. Every airsoft gun I touch I modify (AEGs, Springers and specially gas operated) and I currently have a Tanaka AICS, KJW MK1 Carbine and a couple gas pistols. I have hands on experience in milling, turning, welding, CAD, ... I am also a regular firearm shooter. I try to contribute to topics that I can relate to and understand what is going on. I would like to join the Hidden forums because I am willing to share what I have learned from experience with others and learn from others as well.
  13. Magazine parts are the same. Striker spring the same. G&G bolt seal is the same. VSR kit wont work. The bucking is custom to the Tanaka. Inner barrel custom as well.
  14. Keep it stock and invest in a co2/hpa rig. Consistency should be your first goal... The other upgrades are band-aids to fix the gun's main problem. Consistency. I have had 3 different rigs for co2, Palmers rock, Palmers stabilizer, and the most consistent is the rock as a primary reg. and an AKA SST as secondary. My suggestion, 12g co2 quick change + palmers stabilizer (low pressure).
  15. A new G&G Valve Knocker is what you are looking for.
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