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  1. As has been said, when shipping an item pack it well so the contents are protected, I hate how Evike throws a gunbox into a larger box and throws a bit of brown paper in there. If I am shelling out for a gun or any item for that matter I would like to know it was snug and no damage could have been done during shipping
  2. Upgrades will come very slowly over time but eventually it should be pretty beastly. There aren't many people in my area with AEG's that are reliable over 110-120 feet anyways so its pretty much ready for who I will be playing against. If I ever make the long drive to a real field or play with a group with good AEG's I wont use it but for my normal skirmishes the quiet shots and decent range will give me a good advantage. In comparison to the youtube videos I watched of the UTG firing the TSD sounds much quieter. I was under the assumption that they were basically the same as well.
  3. I was looking for a quiet gun that had decent range and TSD's 96 seemed the way to go (UTG shoots a bit to loud for the skirmish types I will be in). Out of the box I was able to hit a tree a foot in diameter at the most 9/10 times from about 180-190 feet and the bolt pull is louder then the actual shot, the bolt pull itself is ridiculously easy and I was really impressed with the 100 or so shots I took with it today. I will try and get some groupings once I get a scope but so far the accuracy is phenomenal. I have had 2 shots radically curve out of around 100, most of them shoot completely straight until they fall. So far it has been fantastic and I would recommend it but I don't think I can get the body open to do the clay stock mod.
  4. Do this, maybe you should get a somewhat serious kit just in case something bad happens, you don't want to be in the woods with a bad cut or something broken.
  5. You might want to consider bringing a couple of guns, 2 weeks of skirmishing has a lot of room for a gun to break and you wouldnt want to be running around with a side arm for a couple of days if something in your rifle breaks. As others have said food, water and whatever else you would bring to a camping trip, get some tools to start fires easy.
  6. Im just trying to make it as cheap as possible since winter is nearing and I don't have much time during the school year. I could comfortably spend 200-300$ on this but I want to do as much DIY mods as I can to make performance better, eventually I will have to replace something on the rifle so I can upgrade then.
  7. Then I will get the L96, I would love to get a KJW M700 going but I lack the funds and time to put it to good use so I will have the L96 as a side project.
  8. I have narrowed it down to the UTG L96 or the Echo-1 ASR, my time is tight in the near future so I am trying to go as cheap as possible. Which would give me better results, the UTG with some of the DIY mods from Zero Wolf's guide or the ASR, maybe with the upgrade kit? I have heard the ASR is shorter and lighter then the UTG but I don't know if thats true, I am in good shape so that doesnt really matter but it doesnt hurt. Right now this has become me looking for performance on a budget and I want to stay away from the Bar-10. I have heard the TSD M700 can reach 180 feet stock with a bit of tinkering but I doubt it.
  9. Zero Wolf's DIY guide is what got me interested in BASR in the first place, The DIY ideas he has there are great and give good performance on a budget
  10. How much would a well functioning KJW M700 cost? With a bit of DIY and minimal upgrades I am pretty sure I can get one of the guns I listed shooting to at least 200, I don't know which would be more reliable though, gas or spring.
  11. Im looking to get a spring not gas, with school and other stuff I don't get chances to play much so it would be more of a cheap project to tinker with and occasionally skirmish with, UTG l96 and the echo 1 asr are what I am looking at
  12. If I went gas the KJW would be my first choice but I don't know much about gas guns so I am probably going to stick with spring, how is the performance for the KJW?
  13. I would love a Tanaka M40 but thats a bit out of my price range right now
  14. I am trying to stay away from gas guns and the bar-10s are impossible to find. Short isnt really all that necessary but I would like a light rifle just because that would be easier to run with. Right now the UTG l96 would be my first choice, I can take the weights out and foam it up which should make it light and maybe somewhat quiet. That or the ECHO-1 ASR
  15. -Silent or nearly silent shots -175-225 foot effective range -Short and light would be nice I need something with decent range and good manuverability basically, scout rifle of sorts
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