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  1. <AT>bigbaby thats a RS hk stock <AT>ling & puff same here I like milspec not a magpul guy
  2. milpec for me they performing well & inside the upper receiver is gold cylinder mod to shoot exactly 400fps
  3. if you decided to to part it out I'll take some saber mag
  4. howbout this systema ptw RS spr conversion kit that shoot 600fps + you add cash
  5. I have this pantac 1961a khaki used w/ map pack and a brand new water bladder never fielded costumize helmet w/ new 4point strap & padding & used nvg mount
  6. howmuch the shipping cost for 2 bags of .25 to 60452
  7. the gun is not allowed on our field it shoots over the limit :) nice gun by the way
  8. im looking for a broken mp5 sd6/sd5 or some sd6/sd5 I'll take just the shell/body only no need to have a gearbox,inner barrel,hop up, motor and no selector swithch. basically just the exterior only MP5 SD6/SD3 MP5 SD5/SD2 or this hope you guys have this shoot me a pm
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