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  1. SR47 is pending trade or $100 for just the body kit.
  2. Hi PhOenix, Last summer I built a DMR out of my G&G M4. I used SHS 12:1 gears instead with an SHS high torque motor (22TPA) to get a quick trigger response since I was only using Semi-only. I had to trim my selector plate so it couldn't go to full auto. I also had to disable the blowback feature by milling out part of gearbox to fit an aftermarket cylinder. Because of the length of your barrel, make sure you have a full cylinder which is one without ports in it. I was able to get 495FPS out of a MadBull M130 spring but with a 407mm inner barrel. It's going to cost about $100 or more for those parts. The hop-up, it is best to go with a ProWin or Krytac unit. It's a rotatory style type. The bad news, it does take some modifications to gearbox or the parts for it to work in a G&G gun. There are a lot of Youtube videos out there to show you how to tech on your gun. Start slow by replacing your inner barrel and bucking first. The stock gears should pull a M130 spring fine but your motor will not like it.
  3. Echo 1 Scar-L is SOLD Umerax H&K G36c is SOLD Evike / Echo 1 SR47 is available.
  4. A few rules about this sale: * The only payment that I will take is through PayPal. * I do not ship first but will ship immediately once payment is received. * If you have stuff to trade, please post or send me an offer & picture. * Prices do not include shipping costs. First item: Echo1 Scar-L (Advanced Squad MK16 Carbine Light) This gun I had received in a trade and hasn’t been used in the field, only test fired. It has a slight crack in the stock that has been repaired but doesn’t impede on its functionality. Fully stock except wired to a Deans connector including the battery. Comes with 1 Noveske 450rd mag, 1050mAh 7.4v Lipo and 1100mAh 8.4v NiMH small type battery. 370fps Price: $125 OBO. Slight crack that has been repaired. Second item: Evike Metal body SOCOM 47 (SR-47) This gun has an Echo 1 M4 gearbox installed, stock internals. Wired to the back with a Deans connector, ICS stock, Magpul MOE grip, LaRue Tactical 10” RIS, Magpul flip-up sights (Front one is OD and the rear one is black), LaRue 14” outer barrel, stock Echo 1 M4 inner barrel, flat hopped with known bucking, AIMS Sports vertical grip, Evike Flash 450rd hicap mag, Brand new Lonex A1 Hi-torque motor, 380fps. No battery included. Price: $200 OBO Third item: Umarex Licensed H&K G36C Competition This gun is basically stock except wired to a Deans connector. Stock barrel R-hopped with M-nub and flat bucking. Comes with an BattleAxe M4 magwell but no M4 mags. Also, the stock G36c magwell with the 450rd mag included. Side rails are not shown in picture but will include them on final sale. Finally, it has a vertial Stubby Grip, 350fps. No battery included. Price: $100 OBO
  5. I believe this is a known issue with the G&G ETU systems. The unit needs a higher wattage battery to complete a full cycle. I know you have been using a 9.6v but a 11.1v would work all the time. Have you tried a freshly charged 9.6v battery? I've read posts and reviews elsewhere that even adding a high torque motor can fix it using the same battery.
  6. It is definitely your air seal nozzle. For the ICS M4, it will require a shorter length such as an AK nozzle. I just recently upgraded my ICS Transform-4 and used an SHS AK purple air seal nozzle (SHS Aluminum AK-47 nozzle long (20.74mm) which works perfectly. http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/shs-nozzles-c-1_6_75_77/shs-aluminum-ak47-oring-nozzle-long-2074mm-p-21.html
  7. The cylinder volume doesn't match the barrel length for sure. You should have a full cylinder for a 509mm barrel. Plus with the m120 spring, you should be getting around 390 to 420fps.
  8. He is correct. If you have the blowback version, that gearbox will not fit any other receiver except G&G's. However, if you have a standard version, it should go in any metal receiver that doesn't have the bolt catch feature.
  9. I need to see some pictures of the AK and information about it first.
  10. I just r-hopped the G36C but still selling it for $100.
  11. For instance: JG Blue motor, means the motor made by JG has a blue bell house compared to its other models that might be a different color and have different specs. The blue bell housing motor is a high torque motor compared to his brother the black bell housing one that is a OEM motor which is a balanced motor, not to much torque but not fast either. It basically references a certain model airsoft part. When a manufacturer upgrades one of its products, they may change the color, stickers, looks, etc. Using the term "JG blue motor" tells other players the exact brand and model that person is using so they can purchase the same item to get the same performance, etc.
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