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  1. I disagree.. not because you're wrong... but because you are juden !!!! lol Bravo 1 ps> j/k ;-)
  2. GalenW .... just about any double or triple AR15/M16/M4 mag pouch will work (meaning 2 or 3 mags under each flap). The old TA50 triple pouch holds two G36 mags, of course you need to cut the spacers, they can be had for about $5-10 on the surplus market. Some of the newer molle type pouches that hold two M4's (under each flap/cover) will easily hold 1 G36 mag. Something that may help you as it did me. ya know how the G36 mags can be attached to one another, by clipping them together, if you do NOT plan on doing that... grind, cut and/or file off the attachment posts and the receptor on both sides... basically making it a "slick-side" mag... also rounding the corners a little bit of the "ridge" that prevents the mags form going to far into the mag well.... this will help tremondously when inserting and retrieving your mags from the pouches.... there is a lot less snagging. If you have several mags.... try it out on one... see how ya like it... before doing them all... just in case ya don't like it... but once you do one.. im pretty sure the rest will follow :-) Hope this helps !! Bravo 1
  3. -LOL- All you have to do is look at one or any style and make a determination for yourself as to whether it's "light" or "dark", I would hazzard a guess you'd be with the majority 95% of the time in your perception/conclusion of light or dark..... but the biggest determinating factor is which environment you are comparing the camo too...... ie: OD is "dark" in the snow, but can be "light" in the forest, etc. Im sure ya get the idea :-) Bravo 1
  4. Perhaps.... I may have been a little bit over the top.... however.... you got the points I was making about how (for lack of a more descriptive word)"messed-up" our society has become... yes?? :-) Bravo 1
  5. 1st post: Why, in the first place, would you even concern yourself with what he's doing or wearing and wether or not someone is perceived as potentially disrespecting someone or something?, too let something trivial like that bother you... I'd say you have a insecure, fragile inner self. I would have to agree with the quote above, he was in.. now he's out. Respect ??.... how about those who have never served or are too cowardly to even make an attempt at it.. STFU about a dude who at made some effort to serve his country... he did more than you, how about YOU show HIM some respect? I have great respect for those who serve our country and do not demand recognition for it(humble)... those that think they automatically are entitled to it because they are serving... get none.. until the EARN it. (IMO). And this being AIRSOFT.... are some of you for real?? over 50% of the people playing are trying to look like US Military.... yes even with name tapes and such, and mind you very good at it... can you posers point that high and mighty finger back at yourselves... and say YOU are being disrespectful to everyone who's served in a REAL combat environment by immitating and making a "game" out of it ?? Can you be honest and real with yourself.... or make up some lame excuse/reason on how what you're doing is OK and what someone else is doing(same thing or far less) is not ok?? Really... what's the difference between ELS dude and you ??? Wow.... the insanity(reality) that has become our society.... :-(
  6. +1 Thermal lenses are very effective in limiting fogging issues... recommended !!! ESS: http://www.esseyepro.com/Profile-Dual-Ther..._49_detail.html SafetyGlassesUSA.com : http://www.safetyglassesusa.com/prnvgclrele.html for the thermal lens http://www.safetyglassesusa.com/esstacther.html for the themral goggle There are some excellent anti-fog products out there.. don't have any recommendations though.. trial and error / experience. Hope this helps Bravo 1
  7. +100 SealSkinz are excellent, I've put mine thru hard use, no not just airsofting, field training exercises, extreme hiking in mountainous terrain, long periods of time and long distance, thru rain, streams and muck.... quite a few times, my original pair is still waterproof and serves me well. I purchased several more for SHTF or as back-ups when the first pair decides to give up the ghost. NEGATIVE... that is incorrect, based on my experience.. you're either talking out your backside with no hands-on experience, or you did something to them you shouldn't have... ------- I would recommend Sealskinz to anyone/everyone wanting cost effective and DURABLE waterproof footwear. Here's something I found thru my YEARS of experience (and common sense) with them that will help: 1. Do NOT use/wear them barefoot. 2. Do NOT wear only ankle high socks. 3. Do NOT wear as outer footwear 4. Do NOT let water in over the top. 5. DO wear socks that exceed the height of the sealskinz - very important !! 6. DO wash by hand and air dry... turn inside out when drying. When you wear socks that are taller than the SealSkinz, the mosture from your sweaty feet can escape(ie: wick) thru the top of your boot as well as thru the waterproof membrane, which doesn't allow a lot to go thru it, my feet would be soaked just from sweat on a dry day, not a hot day.. just a dry one, until I did this... trust me, if you haven't done this before.. do it.... it's make a fricken HUGE difference !! Like night and day. The thicker the sock the better IMO/E. Hope this helps !!!! Bravo 1
  8. Uhm.... your post was kinda contradictive.... so go with the flow ( ie: be a follower,etc ).... and do what I want (ie: be a leader, etc) ... which one should we do ???? Let me quote you by saying: "That was a stupid statement" It does add a air of professionalism, however... mismatch can as well, if done right and depending on your perception.. no one set up is perfect. Please elaborate on how the Marines are extremely professional?? (not counting their color guard) Do you know what professional means ?? (kinda curious) :-) Bravo 1
  9. Some of these posts are O-L-D... but I'll post it anyways.... how about you guys PM and/or hookup with each other, form a new team together and come down to Thrashers corner and play.. no fees and overall a decent place to play.. (when people call their hits). :-) Bravo 1
  10. Sounds like this might be really fun !!!, ..... who gets the $10 from the operators and whats it used for?? Is this a legit business which has insurance and a UBI number which can give me a reciept for the $10 or is this going into someone's personal pocket ?? Im asking because there are some "organizations" out there that are not legit business entities just pocketing a bunch of cash for playing in public areas, and some on private lands where the owner didn't really need to collect any $$.. ie: they just gave permission to use the area out of the kindness of their heart, or is a airsofter themselves... im sure you get the idea here. Im NOT saying 1st-sword is dishonest or illegit, I would give them the benefit of doubt they are stand-up guys.... but I don't know.... so im asking the questions I think are important and should be asked...... How the answers are given, will tell more than the answers themselves :-) Thanks !! Bravo 1
  11. Wouldn't opening up the TOP be better for pouring in your weight adding material ? When you seal it, you won't have the entire weight trying to break/bypass/overcome/leak past your sealing method... especially using duct tape. Basically, unless your particular game has rules stating body armor hits do NOT count (VERY UNCOMMON-IMO). There is NO NEED for you, or anyone, to add the excess weight of INEFFECTIVE/USELESS equipment to your load-out for the sake of being tacticool. Now, on the otherhand, if you are training for life on the two-way range with real steel.. then it IS very effective equipment for physical conditioning/exercise/proficiency. As long as your not on my team, If you wanna wear an extra 12-35lbs of useless equipment, thats your choice... if fact I'd prefer you to wear and extra 50lbs..... it makes eliminating you all that much easier for me and my team. I like shooting exhausted players, they don't run as fast, which saves me BB's for the next overburdened opponent. :-) Bravo 1
  12. I was meaning more of a dinky winky... or... nubby noodle.... or .... junior johnson... when I was saying: "micro-phallus syndrome" You are thinking of a urethral disfigurement. Bravo 1
  13. OMG... are you for real?, the answer is just so obvious..... the one who looks the most tacticool, is the surely the best player and the coolest dud.... oppss... I mean dude, out there. :-p On a less serious note, to have your gear matching, I would think it shows a certain level of professionalism, attention to detail and dedication to the sport of airsoft, however this do not mean being all matching equates to being professional or dedicated... they CAN go hand in hand.... but not always the case. I agree.... there are some elitist douche bags(EDB) people in airsoft.... as well as in everything else out there. The EDB are usually covering for something in there existance... micro-phallus syndrome, inbred, or some "other" insecurities, etc. Try not to let them bother you. :-) BOTTOM LINE: As myself and others have said... ultimately... it doesn't really matter what your wearing... as long as you're EFFECTIVE and SUCCESSFUL in completeing your goal... I wish more people would understand and focus on that.. vs. LOOKING TACTICOOL. (if you can do both.. then it's OK) BRAVO 1
  14. Your question is way to generalized, the answer would greatly depend on whom you ask...... You need to ask yerself a few questions: What is/are your primary environmental conditions? Is it hot ? Is it Cold? Is it wet? Is it dry? Are you running thru sticker bushes ?? Is it rocky, grassy, sandy, hard pack, etc. ?? Do you move around a lot or are you mostly stationary? Do you go prone or kneel a lot ?? Im sure you get the idea, and yes.. some of you will make the connection... those are some of the same questions you'd ask yourself when deciding what TYPE of camo pattern to utilize... which there are several threads in the forum that discuss this :-) I personally have a preference for RIPSTOP overall.... and yes.. you guessed it.. here comes some of my reasons:.. Pros: 1. Lightweight. 2. Breathability. 3. When it gets wet it weighs a lot less than twill. 4. Dries out very quickly. 5. RIPSTOP (obviously) Cons: 1. Not as durable. 2. Not as warm (aslo a Pro) 3. Less protection from injuries (twill=heavier fabric density) I have both, but 90% of my BDUs are RIPSTOP. If you want more warmth, add some silk-weight (or thicker) thermals. If you want more durabilty at the knees, wear knee pads. Hope this helps ! Bravo 1
  15. Thanks for the info. I did happen to replace the barrel and hop-up bucking (mansume 6.01mm and systema bucking, w/ orginal spacer) at the same time, it wasn't double feeding for several shots, in fact I was able to adjust the hop-up for optimal performance, shot several more times, then the above double feeding issues. I ooked at the hop-up unit/bucking and it seems to be in order. ..... I just replaced the new one with the old one... now it's not double feeding... Hand me a real steel AR/M4 and Im a expert... airsoft M4 ... let's not go there :-(. Thanks again for the help, it is appreciated. :-) Bravo 1
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