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  1. I would definitely be interested in purchasing one in the future. TIMMY.
  2. Actually I already have a scope and scope mount. and is the zero trigger really necessary for a m150 spring? sorry for getting back to you so late I went on a backpacking trip last weekend. One more thing, what PDI spring would be equivalent to a m140-150? Thanks for helping, Timmy.
  3. Hey guys, I have been looking into purchasing a spring rifle and the Socom Gear R700 looks to be my best option. My starting budget is in and around $300 and this is what Ive got for a list upgrades. Laylax m130 spring (this or should I get the m150?) Laylax TBB 430mm 6.03mm AirsoftGI Extreme hop up bucking (any good?) AirsoftGI Piston (looks pretty good) Polar Star sear set Anything missing? Thanks, Timmy
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering what is the most effective sound suppressor design, please give your input. Also I am sure this would be good info for other people looking to make a suppressor for their rifle. Something to note this is for my KJW M700P and I would like to have a means to remove it and use the rifle normally. (so no electrical tape over barrel thing) Thanks, TIMMEH.
  5. thanks man. um I think im going to shorten the outer barrel or just make e-tape barrel spacers which I already was going to do. Thanks again, Timmy
  6. Ok so I have a KJW M700, and I have a Matrix 6.03 590mm tight bore I want to put in it. How would I go about modifying it to fit? Thanks, Timmy
  7. I meant for it to be use as a gas charger like green gas bottles to fill mags not on a air rig. I was thinking it would be cheaper and easier than a full air rig and it has a reg on it so I thought you could turn down the pressure so you could use it like green gas, thanks any way. Btw your air rig guide is beast. Thanks, Timmy.
  8. ive looked in to getting one myself and most places I looked for it says it takes AEG springs
  9. Ive been thinking if its got a regulator you should be able to turn down the pressure so that it can be used in rifles. Will this work? Also something to note this is the "12g co2 cartridge portable charger" not the one that attaches on to the co2 tanks. I would like to know before I (or other people who are wondering the same thing) spend 75$ bucks on some thing that will explode my mags. Thanks, Timmy.
  10. is this vid of your gun? and where could you send me the link? thanks TIMMY
  11. cool rifle! three questions 1 do you think that setup could hit someone 300ft? 2 and what kinda fps are you getting and is it consistent? 3 do you have a air rig? thanks TIMMY
  12. hi guys I just want your input on this setup tanaka m40 usmc ver ka vsr hop up conversion fire fly hard laylax 555mm vsr barrel g&g knocker arm and plunger palmers air rig tasco 3-9x40 scope and all of hamsters DIY mods thanks TIMMY
  13. my other reason is cause you can fill gas up instantly battery's you have to charge
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