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  1. as the title shows I am looking for G36 pmags. Looking for 6.
  2. This is a bit of a necro post but that mystery company US ARMY complaint that was on the German website. I am pretty sure it is Propper ACU Multicam. http://www.gmstactical.com/prmuacu5nyco.html
  3. Sorry for the massive necro-post but I just got the 75 round P-Mags and they are a serious tight fit in a DBOY receiver, so tight that I need to yank them out like Dr Tweak had to do. Also have the feeding issues in the DBOY and a CA. If I tap the mag and apply constant pressure they feed. I am going to try the mods reccomended here. But I can tell you the mags seat really well in a CA.
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