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  1. Last year, I acquired the body of a CA M24 for like 20 dollars. Came with the stock, its amazing one piece barrel-receiver assembly, hop up unit, and brass barrel. I have no idea what to do with it. I want to build it back into a working CA M24 and sell it, but idk where to source parts. The trigger and cylinder assembly is completely missing. Any idea what parts I can use? I know that the gun is based on the APS2 system, which, although sharing some cross compatible parts with the Type 96, is still a separate system. What do guys?
  2. ???LRB???TKTWIST??? yeah, you can't use both together. The whole point of the TKtwist is to reduce barrel contact. The whole point of LRB is to maximize barrel contact. Why not pour water into your gas tank?
  3. It's been a long time since I've posted. I occasionally lurk, but there really isn't anything new or interesting (maybe I haven't been lurking hard enough). BTW, have we as a community given up on improving accuracy and range? I mean, after the R-Hop, LRB revival, and widebore barrels, it just seems like the pursuance of greater range and accuracy kinda just stopped. Maybe its a different story on airsoftmechanic. Can someone fill me in on any new development in mods and upgrade work? Anyways, with that out of the way, my main question how do I improve feeding, or rather, to get my V12 based DMR to actually feed? Hop up is a Prowin with G&G green bucking and a prommy 6.03mmx650mm inner barrel. V12 has red nozzle. It's normally used as a CQB gun with a short upper that has a 285mm ZCI inner barrel, G&G hop up, and Maple Leaf bucking. The gun feeds fine in its CQB set up. 40 PSI, and with the G&G Hop up unit, shooting at 320 fps w/ .20's. A few months ago, I bought the prommy barrel, intending to build a HPA KJW M700 and use that for Op. Bad Blood, and a Prowin chamber for my CQB gun. I couldn't find a KJW M700 for the right price, and so I used the prowin chamber and the prommy barrel for a DMR as I had a spare JP Upper receiver with a full length m16 barrel. I put it all together, it shoots fine. PSI was at 40. I raised the FPS to 120 (complete overkill... 500 fps w/ .40s), and the gun jammed. Literally all the air gets directed into the magwell. It doesn't jam if the BB gets seated into the barrel. But it doesn't. I dropped a single BB into hop up chamber, held the gun upside down, and fired. The BB shot into my nose. Is it due to a timing issue with the nozzle? It's not the stock timing value. My local CQC field changed it according to their rules. If that is the issue, what should I change it to? TLDR version. There's a lot of irrelevant detail up there. But because I'm new to HPA engines, I don't really know what's relevant in the first place. V12 Engine Prowin Hop up G&G Green bucking Prommy 6.03mmx650mm inner barrel Gun feeds at 40psi, Doesn't feed at 120psi. Valve timing is not stock value. also, just realized I should have posted in the gas gun section...
  4. Looking for a working and NON-upgraded KJW M700, for around 100 dollars. I don't want any extra mags, bipods, or scopes (I might pay extra if the scope is worth it) I have a KWA USP, AIM TOP MP5, and KWA HK45 for trade. I'll throw in 50 dollars for partial.
  5. don't do what the above said Use a sector chip. it keeps the nozzle retracted for longer. To prevent overspin, use a heavier spring like m120 or m110 (depending on your battery) and short stroke it.
  6. I don't think most people care for custom aeg stock for the sake of being special however, I think people will like a stock thats more utilitarian than stocks that emulate real steel stocks. for example, I would love to see a stock that has space for a mosfet like the chimera and a HUGE battery compartment for a 14.8v brick lipo.
  7. check that the bevel and pinion gears aren't stripped.
  8. you can try to cold blue it. you get a bottle filled with a solution and you apply it to the steel on your gun. IIRC, it doesn't look very nice or very resilient, as its really meant to be used as touch up for hot blue. Hot blue you need like a tub and a heat source and a bunch of hooplah that you wouldn't want to go through for an airsoft gun.
  9. a. I think he means a really big battery. b. It's a good idea IF you know what you're looking for. And that's why this forum exists.
  10. You can't ask a few people on the internet what they want in a field. The sample size is way to small. You need to have hundreds of people give you opinion, and then do statistical analysis on the data to determine what the majority of people like. posting at thread on the interwebs asking what people like gets you absolutely nowhere.
  11. I'm pretty sure most people who start a small business do not have the start up funds required. They go get a loan from a bank. But here's my recommendation: Don't do it, at least not now. Remember you're a businessman first, an airsofter second. Just because you know the ins and outs of the hobby does not give you insight on how to actually run a business. If you talk to anyone who started and ran a successful business venture in airsoft, they'll always say that they have experience before hand. If you just like to play airsoft without any experience in how to run an actual business, you will crash and burn.
  12. Doctor Who and Sherlock. I like a lot of other TV shows, but they pale in comparison to the above.
  13. So I'm planning on going to Op. Defcon in January, which is a two day OP. My G&P M4 which runs off a 14.8v 3000mah Lipo gets drained super fast, and can only fire about 2000-3000 rounds before the onboard MOSFET cuts it off. Apart from buying separate batteries, I was wondering thinking about charging the car through a separate car battery. I won't be running my charger on the battery that's on my car, as that would be silly. I would bring along a separate battery for charging purposes only. can I use the charger I have right now? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__64345__Turnigy_Accucel_6_80W_10A_Balancer_Charger_w_Accessories.html its the above. I obviously won't be using the power supply unit that you have to plug into a 110V AC output.
  14. 500 FPS with .43g? do you want to kill someone?
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