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  1. You are probably right about that because I had to make some modifications to my cylinder head to make the silent piston head work. After swapping out for my stock nozzle, installing the type 0 cylinder, expanding the piston head o-ring, and raping teflon tape around the cylinder head I was able to obtain a huge fps jump and my range greatly increased. I could have been running so much more efficient! I'm glad I got 'er figured out. Thanks for your help guys.
  2. Sorry for double posting, but I've got another question. I just compared my upgraded systema air nozzle to my stock air nozzle and I found that the stock nozzle is shorter than the systema nozzle. Wouldn't this cause problems with air seal between the nozzle and hop up unit?
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I forgot to mention that I have a bravo silent piston head installed. Because it's designed with a protruding point in the middle, I'm beginning to wonder if that is preventing all the air in the cylinder to be used because the piston head cannot completely compress flat against the back of the cylinder head. Does this make sense to anyone else or would that not make a difference at all?
  4. How do I know if I am getting the optimal seal/compression from my air nozzle, hop up unit? I've got an ics m120 spring in my CM m4 and it seems to be shooting lower than it should be. I have previously upgraded my air nozzle and cylinder head. Also, I am using the stock cylinder (m4 length barrel), but have a cylinder with no air port(type 0) that I have the option of using. I believe my current cylinder is a type 1. Which would you recommend using for optimal compression? Thanks for your help!
  5. Similar to Gunshot, I also installed a systema bucking, scs nub, and tbb in my CM. On top of that however, I did install an M120 spring. While the accuracy upgrades really increased performance, I must say that I'm quite glad I've got the extra boost of fps with the M120. If you known how to open a gearbox, I'd go for an M120 along with the accuracy upgrades.
  6. that notch is used on the real steel for cutting wire fences. It's an interesting piece of realism added to the CM.
  7. They are most likely pro line. After dealing with sports line CA M4's I've found nothing but poor quality plastic externals. I'm not sure if CA sells any metal bodied sport lines, but I doubt it. "rock solid" and CA sport lines don't exactly fall into the same category.
  8. Yeah, it uses a hex wrench. I'm almost positive I'm not over tightening because when I first heard the co2 puncture I tightened half a turn (as was recommended). I tried loosening and tightening as well as a new co2 but still the same.
  9. I tried silicon around the gasket but nothing changed.
  10. I just recently purchased my first nbb pistol (kwc 24 7) as a shelf-pull item. I found out that after inserting my first co2 canister there was a leak at the joint between the co2 canister and the metal pin that punctures the canister. What can be done to fix this? New o-ring? lubricate the tip of co2 canister? I'm totally new to the gas pistol world, so help would be appreciated.
  11. I just started using a new element ultra torque motor and haven't experienced anything similar with a 9.6v battery. While there is a big difference between motors, they are both made by element. If it is your motor you may have gotten a lemon. Something to consider is the resistance of your wire. I switched to an element low resistance wire set when I installed the element ultra torque motor.
  12. Disassembly guide- http://www.mechbox.com/ak47/ak47-disassembly.html Reassembly guide- http://www.mechbox.com/ak47/ak47-reassembly.html
  13. If there is an o-ring already installed you should be able to see it.
  14. Ive never known an air nozzle to not come pre-installed with the o-ring. The o-ring fits inside a circular channel (found in the rear of the nozzle) on the inside of the nozzle.
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