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  1. bump pants, all the mags sold pants sold lipo sold all flashiders are sold and the infidel hat is sold!
  2. armorers wrench bird cage flashider 553 and all the mag mags are sold! grip does not have screws to mount to the receiver
  3. Gun case, VLTOR stock, TAN PMAGS, multicam combat shirt, bb's, gas block, lipo, emag and black mag are all SOLD!
  4. Hi everyone im getting out of airsoft and heres my stuff but heres a few rules 1. All prices are OBO 2. PAYPAL ONLY 3. NO TRADES 4. Please don't waste my time and time and I wont waste yours! 5. Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise specified 6. I also have a magpul M4 I may part out if you're interested in seeing it, let me know and ill send you pictures 7. Thanks for looking:) Hurricane 553 EOTECH only played in a few games and has box $110 shipped to your door! Doctor Red Dot, only mounted on my gun to see what it looked like also has box $40 Shipped Surefire G2 comes with batteries $40 shipped (If you buy the mount with the light ill give you both for 50 shipped) Real steel VLTOR mount for G2 $20 shipped Tan magpul mids with ranger plates $10 Each Tactical Tailor one point sling $30 RG Misc pouch by pantac $10 4 black mags, one is an EMAG and one is a PMAG other two are mag mags $5 Each VFC gun case $30 More MAG brand mids 5$ each Armorers Wrench $20 Black ladder Rail covers $5 for all G&P LIPO with deans 1000mah 11.1v $10 Redi mag system $40 shipped QR LMT Style sights has trademarks $35 for both LaRue Thumbstop $5 King Arms Gasblock $5 King Arms VLTOR stock $20 King Arms grip $5 Tan magpuls and ranger plates $2 each Birdcage Flashider $5 Knights flashider polished $10 TRUSPEC ACU pants size 34/32 $20 ANY BAG OF BB's $5 Shemagh $10 TRUSPEC combat shirt multicam size large $40 TRUSPEC multicam pants medium size 34/32 $20 Condor neck gator $5 Tactical tailor infidel baseball cap $5 TRUSPEC multicam boonie $10 ALL patches $10 shipped Tactical Tailor ranger jacket size medium $20
  5. bump will sell the rig for 180 shipped to your door with all the pouches
  6. 1. PAYPAL ONLY NO TRADES 2. Price does not include shipping 3. PM me im somewhat negotiable 4. Only shipping to verified paypal adresses 5. PM me with any questions Thanks for looking here is the stuff! [a ttachment=10675:001.JPG] Real steel LaRue Index clips best rail covers ever, all clips are there 15$ Pantac RRV in RG comes with Pantac hydration pack ((PACK IS OD!!!!)) patches are not included 110$ 200$ with all the pouches x6 Tactical Tailor mag pouches 8$ each x1 Tactical Tailor medic pouch 25$ x1 Tactical Tailor Roll up dump pouch 10$ x1 ATS tactical gear ADMIN pouch 15$ ACM helmet with american flag patches and velcro snakeskin pattern, could use new harness comes with rhino NVG mount 20$ x1 Tactical tailor misc. pouch, the one on the table in the picture 8$ x1 Pantac misc. pouch 5$
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