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  1. Bump I can go higher on the price depending on the conditon and model
  2. I have a VSr-10 that needs a mag, PM me.
  3. I'm looking to pick up a Gas Blowback Pistol with a metal slide, I have around 40$ to spend and extra mags are always a plus. Post then PM me please.
  4. another thing to consider is the amount of shootdown and FSDO that you would have with a mini spool design, just to throw it in there my favorite spool design is the shocker
  5. It would be much easier if you used a popit design instead of a spool valve, with a poppit all you have to do is make an adapter for the toptube.
  6. Paintball and airsoft are different, speedball wise the only similarity to airsoft is that your using guns.
  7. I need one by next weekend. Post them PM.
  8. dave3066

    Crosman .25 BB's

    the .20 gram ones are great
  9. hey guys, I'm looking for a nice sniper rifle to use in backyard wars. I'm looking to spend around 30-40$
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