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  1. Seeing as I don't play airsoft anymore I don't really need any of these things. I am not asking for money, all I ask is a few dollars to ship the items and I will gladly give these away free of charge. I do however, ask that you ONLY take these if you will ACTUALLY USE THEM! Xcortech chronograph Li-Po batteries. Mostly big ones, 11.1v 2-30+c, 2-3000+mAh. Also have a smaller 7.4 and a monster 14.8v 5000mAh for extremely high speed or high power AEGs Airsoft Inovations Propane adaptor Eagle Industries A-III backpack in ranger green. Has some wear and tear but hey its free right? TAG double stack triple mag pouch ranger green (open top with bungie retention, holds 6 AR15 mags total) Tru-Spec Multicam combat shirt, I think size small. Try-Spec Multicam BDU uniform. Medium top, I think medium long pants. Woodland bdu pants. I think medium long. Its free but I suppose if you want pictures just ask.
  2. I agree, the not shipping on time part was just insane. I tried to rush everything and took on more then I could handle, etc. etc. But so far I have gotten in touch with Reaper1.. and Lon3Wo1f and was able to send proper compensation, I only hope I can do so for the rest.
  3. Hi, Some of the forum members who have been here for a long time you probably remember me and the troubles I have caused regarding low quality upgrade and repair services. I know its been quite a few years and I myself have basically forgotten about everything until now. I tried to figure out how to put what I'm thinking into words but I can't really think of how to put it other then "I f*cked up big time". I was a young and arrogant know it all who thought he was the best airsoft technician to walk the earth....well, far from it. Over the years looking back at how I handled things I can't even comprehend my own doing, but I like to think that I have grown in knowledge and maturity and as the young man I am now becoming, I cannot progress further without rectifying my screwups. I have contacted multiple forum members so I can pay them back for the low quality upgrade services I tried to pass off as legitimate. Now this was some years ago so I don't even know if they will see the PM's or not. I tried looking at old posts to find everyone so if I'm forgetting someone please tell me. So far I have contacted; Reaper1.. hmg9194 VirtualWaffle Sneezy Lon3Wo1f If any of you are buddies with these guys or have any way to contact them and could tell them to check their PM box it would be much appreciated. Time to progress and make things right.
  4. Guy on the ground has a Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Helmet. Everyone else is wearing Ops-Core Skull Crushers.
  5. I also love my guns, and I've been through similar issues as well. The difference, is I don't blame people for problems they didn't cause. And I know you are only trying to show support, but...do you even fully understand what you are supporting?
  6. To both of you. Unless you have information that can actually assist someone, you don't have the right to make a post, and as far as I'm concerned it is considered spam and is only done for upping your post count. Stop exaggerating, exaggeration is almost comparable to lying. Black¥Mamba, did I ever say "everyone is out to get me" like you claim I did? Nope, never said that. So again, more exaggeration and more lies about me. Also, learn your facts buddy. It's a mostly stock PTS masada, which costs around $480 new. Not that it makes the situation any better, but really, $600? Where did you get that number from? Second, I turn 18 in a few months, I'm not a little child who's acting up and making minors look bad, I am considered a young adult in the eyes of the law and I am defending myself in a legitimate argument. Problem? jonsun81, I don't have their stuff, and I'm not going to say it again. Neither you or anyone else can prove it. Also, as shown in the tracking number, there were multiple mechanical failures, so why should anyone trust that the given information is accurate? Take a look at virtualwaffle's tracking info. First UPS says it was suppose to be delivered last friday, but for some reason it didn't. Now they are saying it's suppose to arrive today...I sure hope it did. I still don't understand what all this propaganda about me is about, when clearly UPS is the one screwing up. How is UPS screwing up considered my fault? Doesn't sound right.
  7. If you would be so kind, could you please give me some examples of these "issues"? As far as I'm concerned, this is the only "issue" I've every had besides 1 other (which mind you is over a year old, so it's not like this is consistent, it's only happened twice in a span of almost two years), both sharing the same type of problems. The type of problems I'm talking about are things such as getting lost in transit, shipped to a wrong address, delayed by weather, etc. Nothing that I directly cause or could have prevented anyway. I know UPS doesn't screw up every time, I've used them many times before, but unfortunately, there's no reason for people to start an entire thread if they successfully receive a package, which means only the negative is documented. Just because UPS happens to be the carrier involved in the only 2 issues I've had, does not mean UPS screws up every time. As for the last part (talking about the "I shipped today" "I shipped today" etc.), could you please provide a quote of me saying things like that? As far as I know, I never said anything of the sort. So if you could please provide something like a screen shot, heck you could even just copy and past the text, I would appreciate it. I also find it fishy how everyone is permitted to tell lies and call me out on things, without any proof, but it's different for me? That doesn't seem very fair at all, and is very biased (as with many other things on this forum, which is why I don't brows it that often). Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to avoid presenting proof, in fact I'm in the middle of searching through my documents now, but it really needs to be brought to attention how a lot of things on this forum are very one-sided. Hi there. I'm not sure if you are a local airsofter or not, but on the off chance that you are, I'm going to try and be polite about this. Wouldn't want to make an enemy of a fellow airsofter now would we. Firstly, if you are going to call people out, you really need to know what you're talking about. You really should have done some research beforehand. If you had properly researched this, you realize that 1-The thread is almost half a year old. 2-That thread was also posted on this very forum (along with a few others), so if those guns did belong to someone else (which they don't, they my property) they would have known about it. I appreciate your concern, but you have to be more careful next time, for everyone's sake. UPS just emailed me a tracking link. The ETA was yesterday. http://wwwapps.ups.com/WebTracking/track?H...p;track.x=Track
  8. To your first question, yes, UPS was not handing out tracking numbers. Instead, they emailed them to you sometime later (in fact I just got an email from ups. I haven't read it yet, but if it has anything of importance such as tracking numbers I'll be handing those out). For the second question, yes, I have distributed receipt numbers to anyone it concerns. If certain people (not going to call out names) continue to be stubborn, I'll be taking screen shots as well as physical photos of certain documents. As for the last part, nope, you must be thinking of someone else. And to this following quote, I didn't see this earlier, but would like to address it as it is yet another lie about me and as such it needs to be brought to attention. What is your friends name? As far as I am concerned, I am not the one who did the work on your friends gun. It was someone else. I've never installed a G&P body on a gun belonging to someone who lives in Alhambra, CA, let alone anyone in CA. Care to explain?
  9. Stop lying. I don't know what heck you expect to get from me, but if you're lying to get compensation or something, just stop. I've contacted you multiple times and you refuse to answer back. The worst part, is when I tell you what you can do to help get this moving along, you refuse to cooperate. It's as if you DON'T want your gun back, and you WANT things to go south. I already told you long ago I do not have your gun, it was shipped to you via UPS. UPS did not give me a digital tracking number due to the electrical problems in their system (the electrical issues with UPS made the news if you don't believe me). You said "Age, I'm not buying it. Where is my tracking number?". I told you to call UPS yourself so you could get confirmation that it was true that they were not giving tracking numbers. Have you even bothered to call them, or are you just sitting on your butt waiting, doing nothing, hoping something will go wrong and blame everything on me? The only thing you bother to do is threaten me, attempting to force me to give you something I don't have, and then when I hand you blunt proof that I do not have what you seek, you refuse to take the proof or even bother to look into it and then continue to threaten me. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here? Because your poor efforts and lies are not helping you, me, or anyone in any way.
  10. Multicam top and bottom, soft shell, TMC plate carrier, FLYYE mag pouch, phalanx, kangaroo, and battle belt setup are all SPF.
  11. First off let's not forget all the other problems people have had with you, you're not exactly perfect. Back on point here, you never once contacted the local PD, in fact you never even did so much as make a lousy phone call. It was resolved through PM's here and PM's alone. If you did in fact file a claim with the PD, where is the record? And when you received the guns, you sent me a few PM's stating how incredible the guns were and how pleased you were with my work and how the custom G36 that I built you was by far the best gun at your field. If it was the case that the guns were not upgraded correctly, how come you failed to inform me until now? Isn't that the exact thing you got mad at the other guy for? Not informing you of a problem until months later? From a legal standpoint of things, you need proof from both sides, you can't just call someone out by word of mouth and expect everyone to believe you. It has also been at least a year since I've dealt with you and this is the first I'm hearing about certain problems, which means you are changing and adding to the story you originally told, which is very sketchy and can't possibly hold any merit.
  12. Here for sale is some gear I no longer need. If you have any questions send me a PM. My zip is 06470 if you want to get an idea on shipping cost. TMC MOLLE Plate Carrier w Cummerbund Ranger Green - $65 FLYYE Tripple M4 pouch Ranger Green - $15 Pantac "Kangaroo" Backpack Ranger Green (copy of the eagle yote) - $90 (like new, used once) TAG Phalanx Chest Rig Ranger Green (the version with molle covering the front pouches) - $100 (like new, used once) Battle belt setup - $20 (condor battle belt with modified mole on one side to fit a condor dump pouch, allice belt used for the inner belt, bds suspenders, and a small pantac pouch to fit a flashbang) Replica MICH 2001 - $50 (Snake skin paint job, has velcro and nvg mount, counter hd not included and not for sale) Tru Spec DCU BDU Top size Small - $25 (has been raid modded) Tru Spec DCU BDU Bottom size small - $20 Proper Multicam BDU pants size Medium Long - $30 (hardly used) Proper Multicam ACU top size Small - $20 Genuine Gear Woodland BDU Top size Small - $20 Genuine Gear Woodland BDU Bottom size Medium Long - $20 Condor Soft Shell Jacket OD size Large - $65 Rocky Mountin Gear Hot Weather Army Combat Boots Size 11 regular - $70 Echo1 One-Point Sling - $15 Thanks for looking.
  13. Eagle Industries isn't normally THAT expensive. A pouch like that made by Eagle would probably go for less then $50, IF it was a normal color such as green, tan, heck even multicam or atacs. What makes it expensive is the rare cammo. Your everyday person will see this and think "it's just digital desert and woodland nothing special" but there is a difference (hard to notice) between normal digital camo and AOR camo (AOR1 = desert AOR2 = woodland). The military has a contract with whoever makes the camo, so it's only available to the military. It's not illegal to own or sell pouches and vests in the US, it is, however, illegal to buy the fabric and make stuff with it, unless you have a license and a contract with the military since the rights to the fabric and design are reserved for the military only. To make a long story short, if something is legit AOR1 or AOR2, the price is automatically jacked up a few hundred dollars since it is so incredibly rare and you can only buy it from someone who it was issued to. For a milsim player or collector this stuff is a treasure and worth a LOT.
  14. I have some backed up work to get done so I'll try and make a quick response without to much jibber jabber. The reason for the multiple delays and why the packages were not shipped out a few weeks ago was because my sister had to go to the hospital, so when I thought I had a free day to ship everyones stuff I might get a urgent call where I was needed to do something or go somewhere right then and there. If I ever said something like "oh ill ship it today I promise no matter what" and then saying "sorry I couldn't do it" I was not trying to make stuff up or buy time, I just got a lot of urgent calls relating to my sister being in the hospital. To make a long story short, she is no longer in the hospital so my life isn't as crazy as it was previously, and I am back on track. My friend is helping me ship stuff and everything that hasn't already been shipped (glad you got your masada hmg) is going out tomorrow. I don't feel like fighting a whole lot, but I do have a thing or two to say to anyone saying my work was horrible (such as the SR25 someone bought). The internals shown in the pic that the "plaintiff" showed on the SR25 case were different then the ones I put in, and even the original owner knew that. So someone obviously changed the internals. Please explain why I do bad work, when the gearbox isn't even the one I worked on? I didn't get a good reputation (which for obvious reasons is starting to fade) by doing bad work. As for whoever bought my G36 and claimed feeding issues, they used a faulty magazine when they tested it, they never used the mags I provided. They even admitted that. When I got the gun back I used my mags and it worked fine. Nothing wrong there. Hopefully this helps a few people understand what's going on. Anyway, like I said, my sister is out of the hospital so everything is going in the mail tomorrow.
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