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  1. /Thread. I'll take pictures of my dogs later. A black lab and 3 dachshunds.
  2. Unfortunately I don't think police or military will care about this. They color the guns, or at least parts of the guns, bright colors anyway usually to differentiate between real and training weapons, so they're not as affected by it.
  3. As much as I hate KWA, that MP40 is sexy. Now I must find the Marushin one....
  4. ^This. I've personally never had any issues with Airsplat, and I've placed several orders just in the past 2 months.
  5. I really don't know. Probably 5 or 6 mags per game, 25ish games per year. 3 or 4 years. Then miscellaneous shooting around the house, tuning the hop, test firing after maintenance, etc etc. Probably at least 12,000 rounds.
  6. That awkward moment when I've been running my 5-7 on propane only for years without problem..... Though, definitely interested in this.
  7. Eh, the KJW is cheaper and will perform better than the KWA as well as being more reliable. He also said he would prefer green gas or propane powered guns, so the Elite Force is eliminated by that, as there's really no reason to get it over another pistol after you take away the CO2.
  8. Absolutely. I brought it up in my first post actually. If you're on a budget KJW is the way to go. Completely TM compatible as far as magazines and upgrades, and is a solid performer even in stock form.
  9. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?manu...oducts_id=28652 It says CO2 but it can also use the single stack magazines for Tokyo Marui 1911s, which you should have room for in your budget since this gun is definitely on the low end of your budget. It's also 100% compatible with TM upgrades so there is a whole world of add-ons and improvements you can make if you so choose. If upgrading isn't your thing the KJW is still a solid performer and very reliable. I wouldn't waste your time with KWA. The guns undererform for what you pay for them, and in my experience KJW functions and performs better, as well as being more reliable.
  10. Is the ATP lower functional, assuming a slide is put on it?
  11. Either of those KJWs will treat you just fine. There are tons of upgrades available for them as well.
  12. Welcome Dizzy. You may know me as TheProphet on the ASGI forum, and Lil_Shady over on AS.S.
  13. Yes, I'm aware they only make a G23. Going back to my original point, a KSC is a better choice over a WE. It has better internal external quality, for less money than it would take to bring a WE up to that level of performance and longevity.
  14. If you sold them immediately then you probably don't really have the experience needed to make an informed comparison. While yes, KJWs have externals that are not overly impressive they are definitely not worse than WE. Internal quality is far better in a KJW than a WE. The only WE that has a better finish, IMO, is the P226.
  15. You got lucky. I have yet to get good performance out of a WE, and I've owned pretty much the rainbow. Not to mention I do GBB work in my area, and even though TMs and KJWs are more popular brands around here a good 80-85% of the work I get in to my shop is on We pistols. They may be "good" for people who don't expect much beyond "it fires" out of their pistol, however for people that want at least semi decent performance out of a pistol then their money is best spent elsewhere.
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