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  1. The Front grips are polymer, hence why I choose to stain the wood ebony. I couldn't justify 130-200 for USED wood grips. But Realsteel SVD parts are gold in the US. Stupid import restrictions
  2. Realsword SVD w/ P* v2 custom install <AT> Bingo Airsoft Works RS Russian handguards imported through Solar Tactical Harris style bipod Guntech USA side mount RS Aimpoint m2comp mount Mojii Spyder replica scope The wood is stained ebony with a matte coat new hop up unit w/ system bucking and nub 480 <AT> 80psi .2g 565 <AT> 120psi .2g
  3. Don't really want the hassle of installing the r/er hop. This is the first gun I didn't do my own work on and for good reason. I will do a full range test this coming weekend pre hop up upgrades.
  4. I Will be ordering a flathop from Amped Airsoft.
  5. Well I posted this up a few months ago Here is the updated version. Doesn't look like much I know, but wait what is that?!?! A realsword SVD polarstar'd?! All custom installation was done by captainbingo <AT> bingo airsoft Works 565 fps <AT> 120 PSI .2g 480 fps <AT> 80 PSI .2g Will post better quality pictures tomorrow and a full review after this weekend game Realsword SVD Polarstar v2 custom install by bingoairsoftworks.com RS Russian handguard imported by Solar tactical harris style bipod Mojii spyder replica scope RS aimpoint m2comp mount gun tech USA side rail System bucking new realsword hop up unit wood was stained ebony with a matte coat houge grip will be flathopped in a week or 2
  6. Real Sword SVD RS Russian Handguards w/ rail Harris bipod Mojii Rep. Scope Houge grip stock was stained a dark ebony then matte with a clear overlay.
  7. Just another plain AR platform P*in VFC PDW body Rev2 board flashed to v16 powered by a 9v
  8. Whats parts are you looking for, there is a vid on youtube by Larry Potterfield on how to prepare the barrel for Bluing. I would use his method, it's the same one I've used before.
  9. Shouldnt really matter as long as you don't get to course of a grit. 220 -150 even a brilo pad works. Or if you have access just sand blast it. Saves time like none other. Bluing an airsoft barrel seems a bit tad excessive, But hey have fun with it. Are you doing a hot or cold blu?
  10. Wasn't a fan of the we-m14. I see this as good yard plinker at best honestly.
  11. Awesome gun, got to mess around with the real steel while I was overseas
  12. Me we-m14 before I got rid of it. Got really bored decided to take it outside and do a little photoshoot. RA-tech 6.01 barrel ASGI VSR bucking real steel tri rail system
  13. My real sword SVD Decided I've seen enough reddish wood furniture on SVD's, stained my wood a ebony coat (not liking how it turned out might go a little lighter next time around) Real steel handguards w/ attached rail - Got them through Solar Tactical in CA - Has some russian print inside guessing it's made there. Mojii Replica scope Real steel Aimpoint mount - had an extra one laying around Reel steel Ak/SVD side mount had laying around too. The houge grip took off my glock to butcher. Changed the bucking to a hardtype, new hop up system, MB Sharkfin nub Plan on adding a m140 spring, TBB still debating on a 650 or 690mm, install a mosfet, lipo and wire for deans.
  14. If your buddy wants to sell his handguards, I'll be willing to buy them from him. LMK.
  15. Looks like it's going to have to be some Polymer handguards with a rail built in =(. Not to happy about it, but not willing to spend 375 for a stock handguard set. I guess I will just stain the wood to a darker color =/. I contacted RS about a replacement they only do it for special cases that and you have to be a RS member. Which I don't have cause the gun didn't come with paperwork.
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