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    MK5A4 with Systema Energy M100 CMB / TK Twist barrel CAW 6-shot Revolver Grenade Launcher: Polymer Edition (6x 30rd CAW Moscart) UTG MK96 / Stock WE Silver Dragon / Stock DPMS Panther Arms A17 (scrap parts for the MK5)
  1. Systema makes drop-in Complete Mecha Boxes (aka CMBs) that have a full set of parts pre-installed. I personally recommend their ENERGY series, it weighs less and is higher quality than anything I have ever seen. example: http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=27976
  2. I have an mp5 that shoots at 45 RPS and has shredded 2 sets of helical gears because it fires so fast. Let me put it this way...I could be putting out the same volume of plastic, with each gearbox only shooting at 15 RPS. If I upgrade them, I'll have 3 gearboxes each shooting at 30 RPS...You do the math. This hand-cannon is going to be the be-all-end-all support weapon, period. Also, 15-18 pounds? Bah! I carry around a 6-shot CAW launcher with 6x moscarts in it, the mp5, and a backpack full of tools, gatorade, gas, and ammo at an average op. My belt rig has 6 mp5 mags on it, and soon enough I'm going to be adding in an SAS on an under-shoulder holster with 2 hi-caps on the belt. And that's STILL nothing compared to what I hauled around while I was backpacking when I was a kid. This gun will probably weigh LESS than what all of my gear currently weighs (not including the 18 hi-caps I'll be carrying)! edit: missed your diagram. thanks! edit: missed your comment. Making a similar post on those forums, thanks!
  3. Better at the bare minimum get bushings. I've seen what happens when a lipo explodes because someone was stupid enough to have plastic bushings.
  4. ASGI did a test of 6.03 against 6.01. The 6.01 had better groupings. Accuracy > range for any DMR weapon
  5. I think I get what is being said about wiring the trigger contacts together, but would anyone mind drawing me a diagram? I'm a mechanical engineer, not an electrical engineer.
  6. read the sticky please http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Art-Upgrades-t137203.html
  7. Sorry to (somewhat) hijack the thread, but I figured it would be better not to make my own. I have an mp5a4 that shoots about 40 RPS. I don't have a mosfet. I evidently need a mosfet. I also don't know jack about mosfets other than what I've glanced at throughout the forums. I want 3-shot burst, AB, and whatever other features might help my gun's performance and durability increase. I want high-end. Any suggestions?
  8. Did the same thing with a dremmel. Works great.
  9. To the OP: I had an MP5 setup with a Systema ENERGY CMB (m100 spring) with a systema energy motor (more efficient version of the turbo) and a 12.8V LFP battery. I have shredded 2 gearsets due to pre-engagement while firing at about 45 RPS, but after changing to an m120 spring I figure I'm firing around 37 - 40 and I haven't seen any signs of internal wear after a few thousand rounds. My motto for airsoft: When in doubt, go big or go home. edit: realized my post is beating around the bush. My point is, with the right goods, a high ROF setup isn't hard at all. LFP batteries are the stable version of LiPos, and have no hazards whatsoever (they use them in the automotive industry a lot). All you need to go with them is high-resistance wiring and a low spring and you'll already be shooting around 30 RPS. High-speed motor and high-speed gears will crank out another 5 - 10 RPS depending on your spring. edit2: Also, another thing I realized the other day but forgot to mention. High-quality drop in mechboxes are great little things. Systema's are shimmed to perfection with helical gear sets, AOE is already perfect, and they have mil-spec low-res wiring pre-installed. An ENERGY CMB costs about $300 from redwolf.
  10. My high-speed mp5 does this a lot. It happens when your piston doesn't fully cycle. Not sure why it happens though...
  11. redwolfairsoft.com http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=21492 $52 for the 509mm It is out of stock at the moment, but just drop an e-mail to service<AT>redwolfairsoft.com and they'll probably custom order one for you.
  12. I'll QFT this. I have a duracon pistonhead and it has yet to so much as even scratch.
  13. this is going to be a gun with 3 gearboxes, 3 motors, 3 magwells, 3 tubes, etc and one 12.8V LFP battery.
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