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  1. Hi all, I am in need of an ARES / UMAREX G36 body. I don't care of the color and I wont care if it has some parts missing. All I need is the shell, I don't need the hop up or inner barrel or magazines. However, I would be interested in complete non-functioning guns for the right price Please PM me for quickest response NOTE: I DO NOT want a KWA body, I have one. I DO NOT want a TM body, I have one. I DO NOT want a CA body, I have one. I am ONLY interested in ARES / UMAREX bodies.
  2. Well all my PMs from yesterday disappeared so if you messaged me could you please send me the reply again so I have it because I have nothing :( Just a FYI: For the most part I think I have this figured out as I have a couple good offers and will most likely go with one of them if I can ever get back in contact with them. Thanks!
  3. I need a M4 metal body for a project I am working on and I don't care about the color at all. I don't mind if it is beat up and abused as long as there are no cracks/chips/pieces missing. Doesnt really need to be complete, I have pins and hardware, but I will take them. I would alternatively take JUST an upper receiver as long as it is metal, not ICS, KWA or CA and has standard threads (no G&P threads) If the metal body you have has weird trades on it I would prefer just the upper but its not a deal breaker. Note: No Classic Army or ICS or KWA! PM me for best response!
  4. Payment sent for Glock frame!
  5. I would be extremely interested in the shell of the gun if you part out the polar star engine!
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