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  1. Well when I started airsoft skirmishing I decided that I would buy good (at least decent) bbs so that if the guns didn't work wright bbs could be eliminated as the source of the problem. Glad you fixed the gun, you are now a junior airsmith. Go shoot up those domestic targets and have a good one, buddy!
  2. Yo, congrats on the disassembly! I just wanted to add this nugget of information: try to get good quality bbs, it helps keeping your gun functional and the shooting accuracy higher.
  3. Sounds about right, when I bought the first TM springer pistol and realized that although it was plastic (finest quality and design too), it was waaay more skirmishable then all other spring pistols, probably, so there must have been a reason for them not being well-known and available in stocks everywhere. But I reccomend them to all those who express interest in spring guns, backyard skirmishing, target shooting with airsoft guns, kids with very limited budget that want to get a springer and I know they won't be disappointed. It's serendipitously wonderful.
  4. I haven't had one of those before, but this makes me hope that Sasser got budget for a nice TM 1911 springer, which btw can de disassembled just like a gas gun., it's one of my favorite springers along with the TM MK23 because of the rail and threaded barrel. I hate hearing from guys like him, struggling to find way to fix their springers, it's a little bit sad. But that's what I get from getting attached to things and being a spring gun enthusiast.
  5. Yeah, most spring pistols do not hold up good win time if used, of course. I will strongly recommend getting a Tokyo Marui Colt 1911 A1 springer, as I always do since I got my first one. You'll be surprised of it's accuracy and resilience to intense use. Also, it might cost less then a metal springer, I got mine from the Czech Republic for about 32 euros a pop, 8 euro for a spare mag which are usually out of stock (it can be disassembled easily and features working beaver tale and safety lever). Back to your gun - you should really disassemble it to investigate what the issue is in there. I am no guru in the matter, but I'd say that a part is out of place, broken or some thing is loose inside and got jammed in there, sometimes a rogue bb can do that. They are not that hard to reassemble, you just need to open it carefully so that no parts or springs get lost. A common problem with the spring pistols is that the part that locks the piston back gets worn down or dirty, but in those cases the slide can be pulled back all the way. Let us know how it turns out.
  6. Go ahead and get it, some of them have hopup problems, but for short ranges they work fine.
  7. Venture update: I decided to get the rail, some time ago actually, I received it but haven't got around to put everything together...the sketchy mock-ups I made revealed the fact that there'll be quite some adjusting to do. By the way, I got the R870 rail, I wonder if the other one would fit better...More updates will follow.
  8. So, nobody ventured into awesome rail on cheap shotty action land? my latest thoughts were to get the rail and in the case I cannot make it to fit the M500 there is always the G&P 870 to work with...although, the metal receiver makes the adjustment work even trickier...
  9. Oh, I do not expect any lining up to take place...I will try to find out how wide the Remington 870s and 1100s are. I hope I'll be able to use the screw holes that are already there. The nice thing about the AGM M500 is that it has some space on the inside where one can fit some aluminium rectangular nuts (these shotties are very simple to take apart, I won't drill any holes while the replica is fully assembled).
  10. Hello shotgun enthusiasts. I am in search of some input regarding a project idea that I can't get out of my mind. So, here are theese two quite expensive rails: the Black Aces Tactical Mossberg 500/590/590A1/Maverick 88 Quad Rail RB7M shown below and the Aim Sports Full Length Tactical Shotgun Quad Rail with Side Saddle (R870/R1100), also shown below. Have any of you guys tried to install one of those on a spring M500, like the AGM or some other brand. I'll attempt to make a hopup mod which should allow a better inner barrel to be installed and in case that works out, a cool and rigid rail will be in order. ...knowing that one of the rails fits would be nice before I decide to purchase. (the rail with the side saddle is my first choice because it has more surface for extra holes to be drilled, because I am sure that the ones on it will not match those on the replica's body; also, it's less expensive)
  11. Well, I haven't had one in my hand until now and it is, let's say, affordable. I actually like the fact that it is a single shot, for aiming purposes. But you are right, it cannot be compared to the TM.
  12. There is also this one: http://www.actionsportgames.com/view-produ...;backPageID=211 .
  13. A "courteous" thing to do when attending a skirmish, is to know how hard your airsoft gun shoot the 0.2g bb's and more important, answer anyone who askes about that. That might sound ridiculous, but I actually came across that a few times although those players were on my team. That seemed to me as an unspoken common sense rule...that is now written here...
  14. I am not that comfortable with opening GB's, although I have opened the one in my verry first AEG a few times. I am 30 now; the first timeI opened it was a couple of years ago. I wanted to change the wiring to the front and I didn't want to haev others poking around in my AEG, so I went DIY on it. I also opened it for a downgrade - 125m's to 100m/s - then for cleaning and shimming. I would really like to instal a sorbo pad but I am aware that it involves doing some AOE correction, which seems a little tricky...maybe one of these days...I also have a VFC PDW with ambidextrous selector and I hear they are a pain to dissassemble and put back together; but that one has a 85m/s spring installed, so I hope that whould ease things a bit if I'll need to get it opened.
  15. I have been using M-ver. PMags for almous a year now, and I agree that the Star PMags are no match for the Magpul ones. I own ten 120 round ones and one 70 rounder(Vietnam type). They have been feeding great, as mentioned above, BUT, I believe the missfeed problem is usually due to some incompatibility betveen the sape of the mag and the receiver. You might want to try some in your gun before deciding. Besides the great feel and look that they have and the fact that they feed great, on one of them the little plastic button that pushes the bb's up broke off; I foun it in the bb bottle; regardless, it still works fine, because the baseplate of the bb pusher assembly is still there(on the Star ones I removed those pieces because bb's whould get stuck between them and the side of the mag).
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