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  1. Well I'm F'd cause I sent the payment as a gift(so they wouldn't charge him) but I am wiling to vouch for anyone that bought from him and got ripped off.
  2. He gave me the discharge email also. How do I go about paypal to get my payment back?
  3. I have been trying to get a hold of him too, once I paid he said my product was shipped then I have not gotten any response from him at all. It has been 2 weeks since. I have seen that he has logged on yesterday.
  4. Still have not received item. If there is any problem let me know.
  5. old leather jacket. conditioned leather is the best way to ride any apocalypse scenario in style. leather planet hollywood jacket, torn jeans, tee shirt, old shoes with duct tape to repair them,(do not wash any of them) ak, shotgun, m16a1, or polymer weapon.(no elctronics sights, lights or lasers) forget LBE, PC, or and rig and put everything in a backpack I picture myself walking down a superhighway, or a costco looking like this in the near future
  6. if you want to stick with the mw2 theme, which im not so fond of I think it would be bad to see a 15y.o. general shepherd going akimbo while shooting the overrated "ghost" and then ignite him in gas with a lit cigar thats if there is a ghost-wannabe on your field
  7. an ak, woodland camo, duct tape, che guevara shirt, it mighty be pricy but I figured you can find many of these items at your local walmart or jr.high school
  8. oh yeah btw, stay away from that horrendous TF141 fleece. they don't have fleece, they have some kind of softshell.
  9. I had some old white sheet that I stripped and wrapped around my gear and gun, it worked but I looked like something borat would rig. what ever works though. where do you get your equipment from
  10. thats cool I go to VVC but a good way to blend in the desert obviously tan, coyote brown MC, around that spectrum, unless of course you play somewhere else, ive seen some good spots in wrightwood that vary in terrain but MC is perfect in that area. I was lucky enough to get few matches in the snowstorm we just had
  11. <AT>klepto I live in hesperia, so I get what your saying but ive been dying to gather some people up to get some matches in the mojave river (the completely dry spot where people just leave cars, refrigerators couches, bodies at by AV/ hesperia lakes or the rocky wooded area by VV trainstation) so MC will and MARPAT will be good in the highdesert, I just rock a well thought out custom beltrig
  12. this thread makes me giggle, belt and thigh rigs work well for me cus I live in the desert where half the year is above 80 degrees. so I move faster do get tired out quick. (aka marathon pro + lightweight pro + commando pro, JK but yeah some people abuse the "PMC loadout", as an excuse to be lazy
  13. honestly ghost is overrated, well to me anyway if your going to do a mw2 recreation you should go for a captain price load out, alice LBE, brush hat, cigar, and bad- mustache
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