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  1. I would be highly surprised if you managed to scrape more than 400-450 for it. I've seen complete P* setups sit for a while at 600 simply because the market isn't as good as it used to be. My rule of thumb for sales is 70% of retail if the thing is in excellent condition (maybe a tiny bit of wear, no broken bits/paint schemes unless hydrodipped). Upgrades tack on 30% value unless you are putting in really high end stuff (think RiotSC, BTC, Prommy, Lonex, etc). These prices only apply if you are selling something easy to get. Discontinued/rare guns differ tremendously. Also, well known techs don't charge that much to install parts. Shimming is considered cheap, and from what it sounds like you just made it a lego build, not really spending time for extreme fabrication (think Bingo's conversion for P*s). I could probably find a tech to work tune it for ~50 total. Anyways, I would put your base gun at ~200, all your upgrades worth ~100, and accessories at ~100.
  2. Lon3Wo1f here, AJ has definitely redeemed himself in my book. For those who didn't know, in my case 3 years ago he had failed to return over 50% in total value of the stuff I originally sent him and the stuff he did send back was done rather poorly. When I tried to contact him over the course of several months after it was all due back, I kept receiving deflections instead of a honest "I dun fud up" response. His actions soured my tastes for online airsoft transactions and left me quite bitter, especially since one of the lost items was one of my pride and joys, an unlicensed, trademarked ARES SL9 which I had spent quite a bit of time trying to find, along with a huge amount (for me at that time) of my available discretionary budget to purchase upgrades. While I eventually wrote off the loss of the guns, chalking it up as an extremely painful lesson to be a bit more cautious with internet transactions, I still kept the empty racks on my display wall and the specialized external parts for the missing guns, hoping that somewhere, somehow I'd eventually get the rest of my stuff back. I'll admit up to this day I held a grudge against him, to the point where I can recite his entire name, address, and phone number from memory. Considering that I have such poor memory that I literally can not even name my best friend's (of 13 years) address from memory, believe me when I say that I was pissed off (rightfully so). HOWEVER, out of the blue he contacts me again today asking for a way to make things right. The last time I can honestly say I was this surprised at a turn of events was when I found out that the Wednesday final that I was studying, was in fact a Tuesday final and was starting within 20 minutes. *ignore that slight tangent Anyways, at first I'm quite skeptical, but I might as well play along, maybe I'll eventually get some closure on the missing stuff. Not only does he confess to his big time mistake, but more impressively he provides a believable account of what really happened. Again though, while it was nice to know the fate of my missing gear I honestly didn't expect anything more than that. Figuring that it couldn't hurt, I provided a tallied inventory of the missing items as well as what I believed was a fair dollar amount which would cover their loss. I didn't hear anything back from him for several hours, which I wrongfully assumed that he would cut and run. Instead, several hours later I would receive a notification on my phone that an amount more than that I had asked for was transferred to my paypal account. Does this mean I'll be able to rebuy all the stuff I lost? Probably not, most of the expensive things that never came back were expensive due to rarity. But at least now I'll be able to fill the empty spaces on my display rack. For any of the old timers on ASF who originally saw the poo-storm that flew during the Age scandal, know that I consider my grudge with him settled. Would I do business with him in the future? Possibly. I feel that he has earned redemption for his error when he was younger. I sincerely do hope that he has turned over a new leaf since I last raged at him 3 years ago, but as far as I'm concerned at the very least he deserves a second chance. For anyone that doesn't want to read this wall of text, I'll provide a quick summary: TL;DR: Age royally screwed me over a while back. Today he came back and made things right.
  3. Current trend is the R-Hop, then Flat-hop. With the R-hop any bucking can be used, so whichever gave the best seal is prefered. You can read up on the r-hop from one of the stickies at the top of the page.
  4. It uses a microswitch, fitted inside a standard v3 gearbox. You can replace the shell with any v3 box and use the normal contact switches we know and love.
  5. I'm impressed you still have that SL9 corn Anyways, cylinder heads and cylinders never really go bad. Just get any v3 cylinder head that's metal (SHS ones seal fine in my experience) and sorbo it. That should protect it from anything that can really damage it. Cylinders don't really matter either, just find one that matches your barrel length and you will be fine. Pistons: The Lonex red piston is considered one of the best pistons on the market ATM, but remember that in case of parts failure you want to have the piston be disposable and fail first. AOE correct it and it should be more than enough for your demands Piston head: Again, just any that gives a good seal and isn't made of metal should be fine. Just don't use the G&P exploding head, it has many reports of failure. Gears: If you want them to last forever, go RiotSc. Other than that, consider them expendable and get the cheapest ones that work (JG/XYTs are pretty reliable) Air nozzle: again, any that seals well. I like SHS Tappet plate: you shouldn't really need to replace it unless you got a lemon. Just know that Ares uses the POS microswitch system. I highly recommend replacing it with a regular switch and mosfet.
  6. I can't remember the last time I saw a M4, regardless of how pimped out, sell for over 1k. Hell, I was only able to sell my SG M200 w/ a crap ton of extra shells & C02 bolt for 1.3k, and that was during a time when tons of guns were selling. I definitely agree with the suggestions above, and try finding the niche forums. There you actually have a shot of getting a decent return. I just can't see ASF containing willing buyers for whatever price you list, unless you want to sell it for ~700
  7. I did something like that for a little bit, the thread is here: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Tactical...mp;pid=18471669 I'm a little surprised that airborne is giving this the go ahead considering he shut down mine, but w/e... Before I got shut down, there was plenty of interest in a second batch, so I believe there is a market for a well priced, bright flashlight. Good luck in your endeavor.
  8. I own both v1 and v2, and the main difference is the barrel springs. Look here: http://socomgear.com/english/index.php?mai...;products_id=39 See the picture in the middle row, 1st column? Those are the recoil spring which the V2 has. Other than that, the price difference between the two versions is almost 0. There is a very small market for people actually willing to buy these big guns, so unless you have EVERYTHING the v2 has (certificate, monopod, etc) then most people won't be willing to pay any more for it than a v1. Its trade value might be slightly higher, but in terms of selling it for money then it's not worth any more than the v1 especially when it's missing parts as well. And even if you had a V2 with all the parts, that doesn't necessarily make it any more likely to sell when the demand for one of these beasts is so low.
  9. Technically you could use the Asahi M40 to fire a .22? (or some similar low power) caliber round, but it required some modifications. This is why the Japanese government ordered a recall and destroyed most of the copies leaving ~25 left in the world at the moment. But it was the combination of the Japanese recession in the 90s and TM's AEGs that really put the nail in the coffin of classics. Classics had fairly high initial costs, and being forced to use cumbersome air tanks made AEGs much more attractive. But classics, due to their simplicity of design (except for the Sheriff Highlander Magnum) and over engineered (The Asahi M60 SDX variants can withstand something like 200 PSI and fire at 600+ fps) parts are mostly invincible which is why many are still skirmishing today, despite being >20 years old. Asahi M60s are relatively plentiful, and with LRBs could completely dominate fields until the rise of the R-hop/flat-hop rediscovery. But their build quality generally will match or exceed most airsoft guns today. Ever pick up a JAC Thompson or BAR? Most of the parts were taken from RS ones (if I remember correctly). Asahi M60 SDXs are as rugged as any other one out there and the Asahi WA2000 is a seriously amazing piece of work.
  10. Airsofting is a hobby that primarily is made up of a demographic group that doesn't have much (compared to other hobbies) disposable income. Because of that, money rules over all else. These chinese companies aren't out there to make your life better by providing happiness, they only want profit. Now pot metal casting is much cheaper than CNCing a block of T6 alluminum and some plastics are cheaper to create than others. If they can cut some corners and people still buy it, you can bet your they will. Also wonder why some ACM parts seem to have higher quality at a lower price? It's because you aren't seeing the full price. Let's assume that an Element stock has higher quality than a Magpul PTS stock. What doesn't element have to do? R&D, advertising, trade mark enforcement, returns, etc. Those all get factored into the final cost will drive up the price. Also, Element may be more interested in taking a lower profit margin, thus making the difference even more noticeable. And if you are wondering, there's plenty of steel bodied guns. Just gotta know where to find them (hint: VFC BAR, SG M82, Asahi/JAC BAR, etc...)
  11. Exactly. The VFC BAR is only available for collectors at this point, so anyone who truly wanted one is willing to spend 850+ to buy one. It's like the Socom Gear M200 vs that Beta Project M200. Did it hurt the value of the SG? Not at all. A similar point can be made about the JAC BAR when the VFC BAR came out. The last JAC BAR I saw sold almost instantly for 1500. Even with VFC BARs being more readily available, I don't see the value of the JAC BAR dropping any time soon.
  12. Actually airborne, that's not entirely true. The STAR/Ares M14 and MK17 magazines are compatible. Now the real question is, why would anyone want to use guns with such terrible internals, but to each his own... But yeah, and there's even magazine imcompatiblities between different brands of SR25s and MK17s. Some G&G mags would just never sit correctly inside the mag well of my A&K, the Ares takes something weird if I remember correctly, and the G&P ones wouldnt feed very well inside my VFC SSR.
  13. The greatest ongoing project to date (imo) is the spartan laser build over on ASR. While I disagree with his propulsion methods (3 P90 gearboxes instead of a nerf football HPA system), his build is more than impressive.
  14. I never bothered to do anything with the stock parts because I threw in one of my spare Polarstar Fusion Engines into it... But if you want the P* with it, I'd have to ask you for 9 and a half Benjamins and shipping.
  15. Exactly. If you want to enforce the hit, make sure you see them bouncing off him. Alternatively, go for headshots because most players don't have too much padding up there, so they can hear/feel the shot bouncing off them. Other than that, leading moving targets with airsoft guns isn't too efficient. It's better to just spray down the area and walk your bb's to him.
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