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  1. Just looking for people's opinions. -
  2. The camouflage just looks too different when compared to the surroundings to me.
  3. This is sort of off topic but Airsofter's use it so it's legit right? -ACU's, Body Armour, Vests, Etc. Camoflauge - The most recognizable thing military's use. Now my question is: Does it really work? I mean I see those guys in the war [and Airsoft skirmish videos] wearing desert ACU's and Urban ACU's but do they even work? Like for real, what's the point if it doesn't help one bit. Sure it matches the scene and stuff but it barely helps from what I've seen. The only good camoflauge is practically average-to-well made ghillie suits. So give me your ideas, opinions, expressions, etc. Feel free to post. [Don't put ghillie related stuff because, yes I know, they do work at times.]
  4. A little rant that I have... I absolutely see so many cliché guns! For example like the M4, M16, G36C, M14, AK47/74, etc. Why is it that there are many people that use them? They're so ubiquitous that when I see one on Youtube or anywhere I just go "Oh.. One of those things again -sigh-" Not hating on anyones guns or anything so don't get the wrong idea at me. Just see them very very often. Opinions, thoughts, express, ideas.
  5. I really should look up where my nearest Surplus store is at. l:
  6. Even more forum fail! ): Uh, well what would you recommend then?
  7. Oh.... Forum fail.. Well then.. I'll take his word for the boots.
  8. I don't know what they even are lol. More explaination? A pair of boots, correct? Link if you could please?
  9. -Sigh- This is a topic under the subforum of Uniforms, Military Gear, BDU's. Now back to topic with the first post!
  10. I'm not discussing about backyard Airsoft, that's irrelevant to the topic even.
  11. Anyone is welcome to answer my question.
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