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  1. I think ill just stick with a 4X, thanks for all the replies
  2. sorry, could one of the admins move this to the scopes section?
  3. how do you adjust to mil dots when everytime you zoom it messes it up? is there a certain pattern? like per ever 1 u go up you double mill dots?
  4. any update on spare mags? or compatible mags?
  5. what are your guys' thoughts on scops? with (say a 4X zoom scope) a fixed zoom, you can still have the magnification and only have to get used to mill dots on ONE zoom and adjust accordingly...how do you guys who use a variable zoom scope adjust to the constant different zooms? or do the majority of you guys just use a fixed zoom scope? I don't see the need for anything more than 4 or 5X zoom for airsoft
  6. well seeing new guns like what echo1 is coming out with...seems like spring is much cheaper than gas
  7. arnt hpa rigs pretty pricey? few hundred dollars extra? also when comparing spring's to gas with internal mags shooting green gas. the spring still seems to be more consistant, unless u spend the extra cash on the hpa rig but you do make an excellent point when saying without the huge spring hitting you're less prone to moving your barrel, I really liked the tanaka I had before, but I never had the cash to go for a hpa rig.
  8. found answer so using this to ask a different questions... my field I play at is a paintball park and they usually have a decent size of players on the one day they allow airsoft (saturdays) and we usually have something like 15 on 15 give or take up to 5-10 people but each game is time limited to I think 30-45 minutes, would a bolt action sniper either in bdu's for urban or ghillie for woodlands be practical? or would more time be needed (like a full on long sim that lasts a few hours) to properly crawl and stalk a target, etc. anyone else not have a dedicated airsoft field to play at? and had short games?
  9. im not arguing for or against gas, just read some other forums and the pro gas people always said higher fps, faster cycling (short stroking the bolt and no resistance) and that springs were not as good because you have to spend crap tons of cash to get them to shoot 500+ fps
  10. im sure everyone in the sniper section has gone through the spring vs. gas debate when chosing a first rifle, but now with the cheaper echo1 m28 shooting about 525 fps out of the box, do spring guns now have an advantage? before we had to upgrade a ton of things to get a spring sniper shooting over 500 fps. I quit airsoft a while ago, but my friends continued to play, and sucked me back in...I had a tanak m700 police version pre-ban. which I loved. easy pull bolt, huge power, etc. but a giant problem I had with it was that even on warm sunny, southern california days, it was still very inconsistent. and before I even began to look into spring rifle, I had already sold my rifle and quit the hobby. now being back, I was wondering with spring rifles like the echo1, could the m28 slightly moded hold up to a vsr-10 that someone put 5,600 into? I was thinking take the stock m28, throw in a mock silencer to increase barrel length and get a .03 tb barrel that extends out to the mock silencer, and get some make shift spacers for the silencer, I figured people spend most money on trying to get their internals and triggers to withstand a 500 fps spring. what do you guys think?
  11. bit more but not much, I'd rather go the kwa route than upgrade a base gun, especially if he wants it to shoot like a real dmr not a long barreled aeg.
  12. instead of getting a gun and then upgrading, why don't your just get a kwa sr12, drop in a 20 dollar 600fps spring, and a 30 dollar 509 tighbore (although they already come with 6.05's) and a 12v bat if you don't already have one. instead of getting a base gun, installing a new motor, new gears, re shimming everything, and all the other stuff I don't feel like typing, the sr12 will give you the best performance with the least amount of upgrades
  13. one of the guys on airsoftology took his kwa sr12 put in a 600 fps spring it in, a 12v large type bat, and its gone through 60,000 rounds so far and still holding up
  14. wait. I thought it came with plastic bushings and a plastic spring guide? or did you just replace it
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