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  1. Here we are. 9 years later. Guess what has happened to my baby. Receiver snapped. I guess it's my own fault. After all this time of using the old awss system and loving it, I had to do an overhaul and found parts for the brass tube system to be unavailable. So decided to upgrade to the open bolt system. I ran one mag through it before it blew the back off. And do you wanna know why? Forgot to reinstall the recoil damper. It just slammed itself to death in less than 30 rounds. I'm so sad because I literally got serial number 0040 off the line. We wont warranty it and also wont do another reciever with my serial on it. So sad. Time for a new reciever!
  2. I have heard that the scar has its own list of problems, hinge plate, bolt stop and some other odds n ends, I read the whole article at anies and it seems that a few people have had problems with the PDW, Mine is still ok, I am def going tohave to xrayed and im going to have an engineering buddy of mine take a look at it to see if there is anything that can be done to strengthen it for now until I get the reinforced one from ehobby.
  3. http://www.precisionairsoft.com/KSC-G26C-M...n-p/ksc025m.htm
  4. You arent going to find a good gbbr for less than 300, most of them start around 3, unless you go used, and then you have to deal with someone elses headaches, as with any gas gun... Or get a PDW from airsplat and then buy this: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/met...gbb-series.html now Im thinking about getting that little baby... nice strong markings rather than the pdws laser etching...
  5. Thats kinda scary..... Imagine if you had the stock folded and were running full auto and the bolt/etc actually came out and hit you in the face, that wouldt be a good day... looks like 2 different users rather than 3, (top pic has same background as bottom pic) but I'm gonna read the article now, also I think a misadjusted recoil guide rod would do that too... I know mine kept unscrewing itself until, I loctited it, essentially making the assembly longer than it was supposed to be... I dunno, Im gonna maybe take mine apart and have it xrayed to see if there is a stress crack there or some other manufacturing flaw. (I have access to weird stuff) I would be PISSED if mine broke, those look unserialized/unmarked, but the marked versions have unique serial numbers (different number on each one) and I wouldnt be able to get a replacement from WE...
  6. I would suggest you find all of the parts that came out of your magazine, ESPECIALLY THE SPRING, then search around for someone selling a bad mag for any of the other glocks and then swap the parts... you cant get this stuff from teh manufacturer anymore unless you send the whole gun in for service (45 bucks), and even then they might not do it if its a ksc mag, or if it says glock ANYWHERE on the gun. You can try to contact KWA and see if they have any parts from other gun models that are the same that they can sell you, but they wont sell you any g/m series parts due to an ongoing trademark suit. Really try to find that spring, cuz im sure youre not gonna find another one anywhere.
  7. Got mine imported through precision airsoft, They are expensive tho cuz its the marked version that is a little harder to get in the states. I think you need to specify by calling or emailing them before you order which version you want. and there is no guarantee they have what you need. If all else fails you can just get them separate like you said, same price as gg mags.
  8. don't wanna thread jack ;) PM's are great tho. I wanna see some more GBBRs!!
  9. Custom built my friend, I only have one, but it wasnt that hard, I used an aeg mag, pulled the guts, shaved a little off the gas innards and then lined it all up and pushed it together, I had to make about a 1/2 inch spacer for the top of the mag, if you want pics PM me and Ill send some.
  10. LoL, That made me laugh, I wont ever part with that little baby, everyone always wants to play with it, and its such in interesting piece, I don't actually skirmish with it unless the glock stops working, I just keep it in the front chest pouch (minus carry handle) but let me tell you, its a loud little sucker, since the barrel is recessed it makes a nice little crack when you fire it, almost as loud as a .22, so people tend to fear it a little when they don't know whats headed their way, LoL
  11. I have thousands of rounds through my PDW with no problems other than the screws rattling out of it from the kick. Get NPAS to get your FPS where you want them, get a co2 versoin so it's more reliable in any cool/cold weather (pretty sure they are all co2 capable, but the c02 version comes with one co2 mag and one reg instead of 2 reg. mags, accuracy is good if you get stinger hopup, I still have the stock hopup and it puts too much backspin, even when adjusted all the way down, so mine tend to curve up ALOT. I have never heard of a cracked reciever on the PDW, only on early m4 models, and even still, I have had no problems with mine and I check it all the time. If you have big hands think about getting a different grip, its smaller than a standard m4 grip for manuverability in cqb, but Im pretty sure the real steel grip fits. The primary difference between the open bold and the brass tube version is the tube itself, its primarily for looks and I don't think it offers any performance advantages. I have brass tube one, one of the first marked versions (check my gallery for pics) SO I cannot attest to the open bolt version, but personally reliability has not been an issue for me.
  12. My current loadout, except my g23f isnt pictured, I bounce back and forth with that and the 26c RA-tech NPAS and LocTite thread locker, on the PDW cuz the gun used to like to unscrew itself from the blowback
  13. Bump for a rare g26 SEMI auto!
  14. Do not glue the ball to the rubber, there has to be a reason that the ball fell out, perhaps your bucking (rubber) is worn out or torn, otherwise the ball is held in place by the rubber against teh hood and should not be able to come out. if there is a problem with the hood itself I would suggest you try to find one, I airsoft GI has them in stock. If its your bucking I believe evike has that and it comes with a new ball.
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