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  1. thanks man. that was very helpful. I'm not going to get the exact same vest or pistol but if G&G comes out with a real buck f2000 im definately buying it because its my favorite assault rifle. And ill just get a suppressor for my handgun. thanks alot though also were can I get some sneak peaks of G&Gs f2000?!!!?!?
  2. ha ya I know but this could just be like a thing me and my friends do in the woods or halloween.
  3. okay... what I need for this loadout. those splinter cell looking goggles the bdu (like in the picture) the vest. witch is no problem possibly that thing on his left arm and I know this isnt really the right forum for this but if you guys know of any good quality FN F2000s. That would look really good with this loadout If you guys have any ideas on were to get or how to make any part of this loadout or what materials to use just drop me a line anything else ill take care of. thanks.
  4. I need a full metal p90 under $300 that is compatible with 300rd mags / high cap mags such as: Classic Army Echo1 Tokyo Marui also I heard about a p90 box mag?!?!!! http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-P90-BOXMAG.htm how does this work?
  5. ya but it looks soooooo sick..... hey ill pain you guns purple tiger!!!!!! and ill buy you two m93r rafficas to daul wield. I meen akimbo
  6. ?!?!? what???!!?!? haa thats hilarious
  7. I know kind of stupid sorry man, nice paint job on that sniper man, did you do that yourself
  8. Hey, I'm looking for a smg with the following requirements - one handed: daul wieldable/akimbo - durable and must have a metal gear box if not full metal body - full auto and and descent rate of fire - at least 200 rd mag it would be nice if you could get it with the rail for attachments but its not a requirement... thanks so much.
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