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  1. Here we have some quality airsoft equipment...I could really use money right now and I'm not using this stuff so maybe someone here wants to put it to some good use... -Shoot me an offer if you want something. No lowballs please. -Paypal only. -To contact me, PM me on this site or email me at taylorvcoates21<AT>gmail.com I will respond quickly. -Shipping will be done via USPS. When I recieve the payment I will ship your package as soon as I can, most likely the same day. -I will not part out the gun. I will maybe consider parting out the vest however... Here we go: 1. KWA KM4 CQB (Gen 2) This gun is in great condition. The gearbox has never been opened, this is no project gun, everything functions flawlessly. The only upgrade is a Madbull Black Python tightbore; 300mm 6.03, which pairs well with the 2gx bucking. Its very accurate for its length. The stock, handguard, and pistol grip are tan and the flashider has been painted black. There are scratches here and there and slight rust in some places, the gun has been used, but only at 4 actual skirmishes and some backyard shooting. It's not beat up at all. Whoever purchases the gun will also get some goodies for free: 2x Matrix 500rd Hi-caps 2x Tenergy 9.6v 2000mah Nunchuck Batteries Smart Charger I am asking $150 for all of the above, that is shipped to your door. But like I said, PM or email me with other offers for me to consider (NO TRADES!) 2. Condor Spec Op Plate Carrier I literally just bought this, never used it once. Condor Mag pouches, also brand spankin new Condor EMT Pouch Condor Hydration carrier w/ bladder. Never even filled this up, touched it with my mouth or any of that. Just took it out of the box and molle'd it to the vest and it sat there in my room. Its brand new. I would like to get $45 for the vest and all of its pouches (would really prefer not parting it out) Shipped to you. Thanks for looking!
  2. VEST AND EMT POUCH SOLD! Barrel now going for $80 shipped. Hurry and buy it! Shipped same day if ordered before 2pm! Otherwise, shipped next day. bump
  3. This is a brand new never used EdGI KJW M700 6.00 Tightbore Barrel. I ordered this barrel for a KJW M700 project that I never got around to completing (or even starting, for that matter). I ordered it directly from EdGI one month ago and have never put a single BB through it. It comes in the original packaging displaying the specs. Instead of paying $110 shipping and having to wait for a four week turnaround time, pay $100 for this one, and I'll have it shipped the next day free of charge. Specs: Material: High polished Brass Length: 629mm Bore: 6.00mm Some pictures for your viewing pleasure: Thanks for looking! I am selling my OE TECH MOLLE Harness. I have only used this vest one time in a game, and it is in perfect condition. It is fully adjustable and is extremely lightweight. Comes with: -OE TECH H-Harness ($15 retail) -OE TECH Battle Belt ($20 retail) -OE TECH Riggers Belt ($30 retail) $65 worth of brand new items, selling for $40 with free shipping. Here are some more pictures of the vest: This is a brand new, never used OE TECH MOLLE EMT pouch. It Holds a variety of accessories and has elastic bands inside to keep everything organized and efficiently stored inside this neat little pouch. It also has molle on the front to you can tac-it-out for even more MOLLE compatible fun! Retails for $15 + shipping. Selling for $8, shipped free, brand new. Here Are some more pictures:
  4. bumpity bumpity bumpity BUMP! C'mon I really need to sell this. $400 shipped to your door for this awesome sniper rifle.
  5. now selling for $400 gun only. HPA rig is being parted out. Scope has been sold and the bipod is an extra $20.
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