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  2. Hello G79, sorry to inform you that all of the guns sold yesterday in a large bundle. I appreciate your time, however all that's left are the 8mm BB's, which I doubt anyone has use for. Thank you though! ADMINS PLEASE DELETE OR LOCK THIS THREAD.
  3. Hello up for sale is a lot of random airsoft related items (mostly pertaining to the 1911 platform) All prices are shipped and priced to sell within the United States, pictures are at the bottom. -WE 1911 NG3 ver. in mint condition -$85 shipped Comes with: --1 Silver MEU magazine --Extra metal threading adapter, so two in total, one installed, the other in a bag (14mm) --Extra Flat metal base plate for magazine --Herret's real steel custom wooden grips (installed) --OEM WE MEU rubberized grips --Original packaging and manual __________________________________________________________________________ -2 WE 1911 MEU black magazines, new without tags -$17 shipped each -Madbull XG02 Propane adapter, mint condition- $17 shipped -Madbull 6.03 235mm Extended Inner and Outer Barrel for WE or Marui 1911, great condition - $34 shipped -King Arms A.A.C. Mock Aluminum Suppressor with .45 marking, small blemish on top, has both neg and positive 14mm adapters - $22 shipped -Bobster Eyewear Night Hawk OTG goggles. These fit over your glasses if you have them, brand new - $22 Shipped For additional pictures or information, feel free to ask, thanks for looking!
  4. WE M1911 Package lowered to $150 shipped, get it while it's hot!
  5. Hello guys, getting out of the sport once again, so here's the loot for sale. All of these guns are in excellent/new condition unless otherwise noted. The only time they were fired was to test them. They were more of collectors pieces to me than field guns. Rules: Prices include shipping within the United States mainland, however I am willing to meet up local to South Florida for a cheaper price. I am NOT looking for trades, NOT willing to hold, NOT willing to part out any of the packages. Paypal only. -Tokyo Marui AA-12, Semi/Full-Auto AEG tri-barrel (Asking $530 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing --4 magazines --Speedloader --Bottle of 5000 0.25 weight BB's --G&P 1600 mAh battery with charger --All original packaging and documentation -WE 1911 MEU NG3 Custom, Semi-Auto GBB (Asking $200 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing --WE's NG3 upgrade system which includes a slew of upgraded internal parts for reliability, power, accuracy and longevity. --Madbull Outer and inner barrel extension kit (Inner barrel runs through suppressor) --King Arms A.A.C. Suppressor (includes CW and CCW threading adapters for it) --Original WE barrel and inner barrel with threading adapter included --3 magazines (Extra baseplate included) --Herret's Custom real steel grips (Installed) --Original WE MEU grips --All original packaging and documentation -Tokyo Marui Glock 18C with real trades Semi/Full Autio GBB (Asking $220 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for test --2 magazines, normal and one long --Bottle of 2700 0.25 weight BB's --All original packaging and documentation -KWA Mac11 M11A1 NS2 Semi/Full Auto GBB (Asking $ 180 shipped) Used but in excellent condition -2 magazines -Uninstalled G&P steel kit (includes a steel upper receiver, steel stock with Cobray trademark, receiver pin, rubber grip and threaded steel flash hider) -Also including yet another G&P rubber grip and steel flash hider. -KSC Front strap -Marushin 8mm BB's 0.34 weight, 1000 BB's total (Asking $13 shipped) Never opened Thanks for looking, feel free to ask for more information or additional pictures. If you require more feedback from elsewhere or any other verification, don't hesitate to ask! -E
  6. Hello up for sale is a KWA M11A1 airsoft NS2 SMG. This airsoft fires good and true as if new. This package includes the following: -KWA M11A1 NS2 w/ manual -2 Magazines -UTG Drop Leg holster -CNC Polar Star mock suppressor -Installed G&P upper kit -Spare KWA parts The installed G&P kit includes a steel stock with authentic Cobray trademark, steel threaded flash hider, steel upper receiver and rubber grip. The spare KWA parts are pretty much the same but original KWA versions...a metal threaded flash hider, plastic w/ metal lining upper receiver, hard plastic grip and metal stock. The entire package is in very good condition with only minor flaws. Those flaws include a crack around the rear sight, which is common due to the blowback. (pictured) It won't get any bigger and I already cemented it just in case anyhow. There is also a tiny crack by the front pin which I did on accident trying to install that said pin. These flaws do not hurt the functionality nor longevity of this gun at all, it will last for years, this is my third one. I always find myself quitting airsoft then getting back in! If this bothers you, the original KSC frames are available almost anywhere for replacement, just ask me and I'll show you where and how to install it. Anyhow, the kit I installed fixes all of of problems that came default out of the box. Normally the flash hider would wobble with a barrel extension on, now it doesn't due to the tension pin. The stock is much more reliable and sturdy for those full-auto moments. The grip is now actually rubber which feels great in comparison with the default plastic one. And it goes without saying how realistic it feels altogether and you don't even have to do the intense work it takes to install that steel upper receiver. Also, the Polar Star mock suppressor is the best one out there, which is also discontinued, so getting it here with the airsoft is truly a rare moment. This package is lubed and ready to go right out of the box, guaranteed. Anyhow, thanks for reading my novel of a description, but if I don't give proper detail, that would be deceit! Feel free to ask anything you like. Thanks! -E I am asking $250 OBO shipped. As for trades/partial trades I am looking for only GBB/GBBR related guns. To ASF members: This is my first time on here in a very long time, just getting back into airsoft, so please forgive me if I forgot some of the forum rules.
  7. I just need a threading adapter, fits inside of a WE normal outer barrel to affix a 14 CCW extension on it. Prefer a normal black color but silver or orange will do fine. I know it'll ship quicker if I buy through here and if the seller ships first class or priority rather than paying 7 dollars free ship on Stryke Airsoft and waiting for it. Thanks guys.
  8. Yup, WTB RAS Knights Armament for G&P. Thank you everyone.
  9. I need a version Tappet Plate 6. guarder, king arms, any brand. Need it quick and its a small part so first class mail should be cheap and quick. Thank you -Henry
  10. bump, cmon guys, this guy sells quality stuff, excellent person to deal with!!
  11. I'm looking for magazines for the m11a1 by KSC/KWA, the system7/NS2 version only please. Also, I know there are various accessories for this such as a rail system, suppressors, barrels, stocks, spare parts.. etc etc. Let me know if you are willing to sell those as well. Thank you - Henry
  12. I need a barrel bushing fitted for a WA 1911, any brand will do. I need this quick so Ill pay the priority shipping, Thank you.
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