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  1. I did for a short time, then sold it for money. It's never really been a priority for me, and I'd rather have a GLM instead of a sidearm. Maybe someday.
  2. *EPC is one of many wrongs with this kit that I know of and do not care about, as it is not my primary focus, but rather done for and giggles Silly college students.
  3. A couple, yeah. Not in regards to my Ranger kit, but I have.
  4. Anybody have any thoughts on the DCU mix? I know the EPC is incorrect, but I can't shell out for an RBSS that doesn't exist anywhere, so here you go anyway. :P
  5. Kill the full color flag, get a shorter barrel. Silly Harvey.
  6. It's kinda obviously AOR2, although I'm curious if it's the ToySoldier replica.
  7. I love the SOTech vs. the Eagle model. I had an actual EI one in CB a while back, and it was good, but when I ran it on my belt the snaps had an annoying tendency to unsnap, and the constant movement would wiggle the MOLLE undone and the pouch would fall of my belt. The SOTech uses their standard hook design, which is really literally tight and secure on the bottom. It takes up one extra column of MOLLE on the rig, but I don't run enough stuff usually to have that matter. It's also got the removable velcro panels inside, making it easier to take the stuff out if you so desire. All in all, SOTech > Eagle by far.
  8. Search "500d" here, you'll get a bunch of Eagle V2 kit: http://entrygear.com
  9. In regards to the Field Shirt, I suspect you got it used. Likely it was a government contract for the Air Force, Marine Corps, or UKSF, and you got it surplus. If you got it new direct from Crye, then I don't know.
  10. Yeah, I'd love to pick up a G22 or similar sidearm, but I don't know how often I'd use it. I'm seriously considering getting one of those M320s though.
  11. Oh look, another update! I sold a bunch of stuff a while back, including the G10, admin pouch, first banger pouch....so on and so on. But, I decided to keep the project going in the end, and I've made a bit of progress in the recent months. Most notably, some of you will notice that I ditched the Pantac medic pouch for a SOTech IFAK pouch, one of nine I picked up recently, thus finally making the rig 100% replica-free. Doesn't matter at all in reality, but I'm happier for it, so whatever. I also nabbed the weapons catch and banger pouch for $10 locally and decided to chuck those on there, and I also shed some weight on the cummerbund. I got a second ACH, and it came with an OpsCore X-Nape which I promptly transferred to my primary bucket, and that thing is amazing, far better than the standard chinstraps. Also got a couple Field shirts, and it's a better piece of clothing to wear in WA, at least during the winter and spring seasons. Summer will be perfect for the Combat though. And now for pics... Ignore the blaster, I'm the middle of a weird trade deal thing which I'm an inch away from backing out of, and I already sent my M4 off to the pits of hell. Go figure.
  12. I've got a friend with a brother in 3rd Bat, they're apparently all getting issued FAST ballistics now over the ACHs.
  13. Now I would DEFINITELY be interested in one of those. :D
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