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  1. Nice pic.. Very similar to what I had planned except I am going with Multicam BDU pants... where did you get your vest? I saw a identical vest here except parts of it where multi cam but it was $80... I'm just going to stick with the desert tan lol..
  2. Here's what I got so far... Going to go with a desert Marpat when I find one.... http://www.opsgear.com/index/page/product/...MOLLE+Chest+Rig http://www.opsgear.com/index/page/product/...ortster+Holster
  3. Thanks guys for all the help.. I appreciate it a lot... I have a full beard and my hair ios probably bewtween 3-5 inches long.. Got that covered :)... Also thanks alpha Ghost for the advice, I will definately check it out.. as for price.. if it fits what I am looking for I will buy it :)
  4. I meant the clothes mainly and obviously not the gun.. I know that no american force is issued the AK, however I like the AK more than most american guns and I also like the Current Navy seal look minus the standard issue guns... Now except for the primary weapon, lets contribute a little to this thread in the form of a load out and not be so Mil sim expertish . so basically I'm looking for a lttle more help suite and vest wise and a lot less critisism
  5. I went to army navy outdoors the other day and bought a full face mask for $35 It is a Helix and the protective goggle parts is by Vents... Does not fog up any whatsoever from my experience... Here is what it looks like..
  6. I was wondering what would be a good motor to upgrade to from my stock motor... I'm looking for a quicker trigger response and maybe a little higher ROf, however the ROF isn't very important to me... The current motor in it now is the stock Motor : 25000 rpm Hi-torque short axis... Please post a link to the motor you reccomend if you are going to reccomend one.... Also, this gun has a V3 gearbox... I have G&G Helical gears, so they would be able to handle a motor with a good amount of torque... Was thinking about the " Systema Magnum power motor" 30,000 RPMs and lots of torque, supposed to be able to pull a 170 spring with out a problem... Anyone reccomend this motor?
  7. Looking for a good, realistic SWAT/ Navy seal style tactical load out... I have an all black AK47.. so I have the primary covered....
  8. Just noticed the sticky for gear.. sorry..
  9. I got a #14 O ring... Was waaaay too small.... So I finally found out what the problem was and yes I am sure as I have put a lot of BB's through this gun since and just let me say that with the new piston it shoots a lot harder.. Shot quite a few bb's at a soda can yesterday and the whole front of the can is now missing lol.. Anyway, lets get to the problem... My gun incase you havent been reading is the G&G Combat machine AK47. The problem part was actually the "Guarder Air Nozel for the AK-47,47S" The nozel as you will see in the pic is shorter than the stock G&G Nozel. This caused a huge compression problem and therefore would not expel the first bb and cause a jam/double shot to occur.. here is a pic of the height difference... \Blew my mind.. Thanks guys for all the help. Hopefully this helps someone in the future...
  10. Very interesting... I'll try that tomorrow as it is too late right now and I have had a long day... Anyone know what size the O rings are on the V3 GB pistons are ?
  11. You want a picture of where the BB feeds from the magazine or do you want a picture looking through the hop up down the barrel... BB fits through the feed chamber on the hop up fine, it just jams at the point where it contacts the bucking area... The bucking is not visible from the feed port on the AK series hop up. I'll get both pics, thanks for the help..
  12. Yes that is the stock hop up, yes it's metal... used to work great lol
  13. Yeah, definately sounds a little suspect.. My Latch only rotates, no play or wobble at all.... May be something to look into..
  14. My shot have been super inconsistant.... Thing I don't get though is why it was shooting so perfect right after the new parts installs and now it is not... What was wrong exactly with your hop up?
  15. Very interesting post.... I took my gun apart yet again since my last post and tried to actually fire a BB whithout the body. just the GB and Barrel assembly, something very intesting happened.. BB shot back out of the bottom of the hopup where it would feed into.. Now I cover the Bottom of the hop up with my thumb and the BB actually stopped at the moment of impact with the Bucking.. So I then moved on to yet anopther test. Seeing how much force is required to push the BB past the bucking and through the barrel.. There is actually a substantial push.. One harder than I believe there needs to be... I think the problem is the bucking, but it is the stock bucking, nothing has changed..... When you said you swapped back to the stock plastic one, did you mean the piston? If so, why did you swap back?
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