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  1. Would you trade the MP7 with some cash for a laptop? I got a HP G-70 460US with Windows 7 Ultimate on it. It's my secondary laptop, so I wanna see if I can get a GBB for it.
  2. Hey Glu, quick question. Does that JG SR25 receiver assembly have the elongated G&G SR25 hopup unit, or does it take the normal M4 hopup unit?
  3. You fools realize this listing is over a YEAR old, right?
  4. For the love of God, I need a set of Classic Army SR25 Super Torque Up FLAT gears. I need them before the 20th, so I will give anyone 50$ shipped for a new set if you have one, please ppl, I really need this, I need to have my SR25 finished by Halloween, so I need these gears by next Wednesday, or next Thursday at the VERY latest. Because I need to have it shipped to my technician, he's the one installing everything. And I need time between then and Halloween for him to have time to install them, test it, and wait a day or 2 to get it back after he ships it. So PLEASE PLEASE, let me know if you have a CA SR25 STU FLAT (I REPEAT, FLAT) gearset. I can't do anything with helicals, as my piston is an SHS L85 full toothed piston. Btw, the gears need to be new, or like-new. I'm not gonna pay 50$ shipped for ones that have been used for extended periods of time (Like in your own DMR, for instance). I will pay first, cash or money order, I don't really care at this point, I just need these damn gears.
  5. Never mind, I ordered one from Ehobby. Hope it doesn't take too long >_> Lock this please.
  6. Bump. C'mon guys, I need a strong spring to finish up my SR25..... I know someone has an M160 or so laying around...
  7. I'm also looking for a 48" gun bag. Ebay has them for 38$ shipped brand new, so I'll pay no more than 27$ shipped for one used. Needs to be in good condition (Non-faded, and no rips). I'm only looking for one of the following colors: ACU Coyote Brown Dark Earth Tan Lemme know if you have one, I'd like to get one before the end of this week.
  8. I'm in need of a high power spring for my SR25. I'm buying a Classic Army SR25 STU gearset, and my SR25 is almost done being upgraded, all I need is a stronger spring, putting it in the 550+ fps range. The spring needs to be in very good condition and lightly used/new, and I'll pay 11$ shipped. Ehobby has the Element springs for 8$ shipped new, but I'm not waiting 2 weeks for that to come in the mail. I need this by the end of this week, I can pay by money order or cash, as long as you can provide proof that the spring is yours, and it's the spring I'm asking for. Don't post about "Field legal" nonsense, I don't care, as I don't skirmish at fields. EDIT: I will take any spring above an M155.
  9. My tech is upgrading my SR25 and he said the M140 spring in there keeps blowing a tooth off of my spur gear. WTB a Classic Army SR25 Super Torque Up flat gearset. Needs to be in good condition. When laying a price on me, keep in mind that I can get a set brand new for 56$ shipped.
  10. I'm in the process of having my A&K SR25 URX upgraded (I mean $320 worth of upgrade parts, internal and external) but I've hit a wall. Evike just sold out of Madbull 650mm 6.03 inner barrels. So... WTB: Madbull 6.03mm 650mm AEG Inner Barrel (NOT FOR PSG1) Must be in excellent condition G&P M16 Black Full Stock - Again, must be in good condition I am willing to pay 26$ shipped for the Madbull 6.03 650mm AEG inner barrel, and 25$ shipped for the G&P M16 black full stock. If you've got what I want, lemme know. Those are the only parts I need, so my tech can upgrade my SR25. Note that I'm on a budget, so that price I'm willing to pay is pretty much the max, so don't offer me anything over that.
  11. Free bump for a good seller Dude, the A&K SR25 is the best gun I've had, period ^_^
  12. I bought one, please lock.
  13. The G36 gearbox takes a motor cage, the 552 gearbox only uses a small bracket. Also, the 552 gearbox has a different selector plate & trigger. It won't work with a G36.
  14. I'm looking to buy an SR-25 within the next few days. Needs to be in good internal and external condition. It needs to come with a battery and a mag. I prefer the version with the mock suppressor. I can pay up to 210$ shipped, if it has upgrades, or less if it's stock. I'm not looking for something with multiple mags, as long as it comes with a hicap or a midcap, unless it comes with one normal hi-cap, and the really short midcap. Pm me with offers.
  15. Then buy 2 sets? Ah, is it this one? http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=30723
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