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  1. I've got an M3 trishot that gets good range with .20s. I took the retractable stock and secured the grip with washers, so the sights are still usable. (Pleeeease? :D) pm me with a yes or no I guess
  2. You sound like a businessman...overly happy and trying too hard.
  3. I think that I'm in a permanent awkward state. You name all your guns? Women's names for all, no less? I think I got permanent brain damage.
  4. Then don't post a picture of it or include it in your thread title, numbnuts.
  5. I know I'm late to the party, but is that glued M203 shield still up?
  6. It still loads enough gas for about eight shots though...
  7. Hey...hey, guys! Over here! SHUT UP! It's okay if he says his JG can do what he says it can do. Maybe it can! There is NO reason to fight over something that isn't yours, right? It seems like everyone is teaming up on Jaxer and jumping him. I saw this same thing happen at Red Dragon Airsoft's forums. I used to be addicted to that site. But, I wasn't so airsoft-literate, so I got yelled at and I got banned. So leave Jaxer alone.
  8. I tried loading my Glock's magazine with propane today; it sprayed everywhere and pooled onto my hand. WHAT DO?
  9. The title says it all. Please PM me with any offers. Mods, I'm hoping that I don't need to be a "sponsor" for this. If I do, please forgive me and take this down.
  10. Noooo, it's the blowback Mk1! Anyway, nice price drop, but I don't watch sports.
  11. This will sound silly...but you should know how to dance. Disco dance, that is. What happens when you need to maneuver quickly through tightly tangled tree trunks? You dance! Slide, jump, spin, crouch, spin, et cetera!
  12. Hello, I've been wondering - Can I make a WE Hi-Capa 4.3 full auto? If so, would I be able to go back to semi-auto easily? If I can do either of these, please leave an explanation. Second of all, you know those mounts for Hi-Capas that make a rail on top? What if there was something I could put on there so that I could, theoretically, mount it on the bottom of my M4? Thanks in advance for any responses, Botschafter
  13. Metal KSC Glock? 140 pm me if interested
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