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  1. DD M4- SOLD SG 1911- SOLD SG Oasis- SOLD Offer up on remaining items
  2. Rules: Paypal or cash only No refunds/returns (if you ask I'll take a video of the gun firing to prove it works) Don't lowball ALL PRICES ARE OBO Shipping is included in price, If you want guns in original boxes please add $15 to cover the larger items About 3 years ago I had a small shop I opened, I only had it up for a year and couldn't commit any time to it. I've been wanting to get it open again but I just don't have the time with college and work. That being said all these guns are BRAND NEW. I test fired them once when I got them from my wholesalers to make sure they weren't lemons. They have NEVER been used in a game or anything other then a test fire. EXCEPT for the VFC AK74u which is from my personal collection. GUNS: VFC AK74u - $300 OBO This is from my personal collection and is the only used gun. It was setup for indoor use running in the lower 300's. from what I remember is has a mad bull barrel running through the suppressor. It has real wood grips and comes with the original box and some mags Classic Army Sportline P90- $130 OBO Plastic body P90 from CA, has built in red dot and comes with one mag. Brand new GHK AK-74u $210 OBO brand new comes with one mag, has real world furniture. I believe this is a Gen 1 version, not too sure what these went for so I'm open to legitimate offers. Classic Army Sportline M4 RIS w/ crane stock $150 OBO Brand new, comes with one mag, sportline edition with plastic body, metal RIS, and crane stock. ECHO 1 RED Star AKM $190 OBO Brand new, real wood grips with metal body. Shoots around 400. Comes with 1 metal mag ECHO1 RED STAR CPM AK74u $140 OBO Brand new, polymer furniture, metal body with a folding stock. Comes with 1 polymer mag Umarex USP $40 OBO Still in packaging, comes with everything pictured WE Desert Warrior 1911 w/ rail SOLD Comes with 1 mag, threaded orange barrel tip, metal slide and frame Socom Gear Oasis SOLD Brand new, very quite gun, comes with 1 mag RED Star RPK $220 OBO Comes with 1 mag and box, metal construction with wood furniture. Echo1 M4 $130 OBO Brand new, comes with metal high cap Classic Army Sportline CQB M4 $120 OBO Great shorty m4 for cqb, polymer body and furniture. Brand new Socom gear Daniel Defense M4 SOLD Full metal licensed body and rail, Brand new, comes with high cap and 2nd flash hider
  3. This is SOLD But I'll answer the question anyway, It's all made of a durable plastic, They feel different from the rest of the body, the best way to describe it would be like TM plastic.
  4. I'm going to bump this up, I'll be making a new sale thread soon, sill for sale: VFC AK74u Smart charger
  5. P90 SOLD Adding: VFC AK-74u- 250 shipped All stock except for Madbull barrel that runs through the suppressor. Shoots in the low 300's for CQB. Comes with 1 high cap and original box as well as suppressor. Only problem is it's missing the rear flip sight because I has a PSOP scope on it. I have the pin and a sight can be bought for $12 on EVIKE.
  6. Rules: Paypal only Shipping IS included in the price Prices are OBO (within reason) NO Trades NO PARTOUTS, don't ASK If you have any questions, ask TM P90 $140 shipped I ended up getting this in a mystery box from EDI1st. Great little gun, wired to deans, has new E1 trigger unit, metal bushings. Works great, shoots how a TM should. Comes with 1 TM high cap, 1 E1 high cap, and 1 E1 Mid. (silencer not included) CA G36: $150 shipped Great shape, shoots pretty well, right around 350. Externals are in good shape one minor scratch. Comes with 1 mag and semi- hard to find flip up sights. Superbrain 959 charger $30 shipped Not much to say, got it in a package deal and don't need it. It does work and instructions on how to use it can be found online.
  7. Propane Adaptor-SOLD KJW M9-SOLD KSC G23- SOLD Detonics- SOLD JAC $240 TM P90-$180 L96- $215 Accepting trades on everything but the L96. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks
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