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  1. Hanks pirate that was really helpful, ill see how things go when I work on it tomarrow. Id much rather have experience than an expensive gun, so ill do my best. Anyways, thanks for not Newbie hating and ill probably come back asking questions like "whats a hopup look like?" haha pce and thanks again
  2. Ya these sound right. Its like the bb isnt lining up with the barrel so it wont fire. Im thinking of grinding down the nub a bit so itll get in the right place?
  3. Oops, sry I should have clarified. Everything works, just with less power. If I load a bb down the barrel and pull the trigger itll fire. Theres something up in the hopup area
  4. Arg, well here I am again. I did some interal rearanging in my BE SWAT SL8 and now it wont shoot. It seems like a problem either with the gearbox lining up to the barrel, the gearbox (battery) being underpowered, or the "air skirt" around the barrel needs to be trimmed (or the nub). So guys, what do you think it is. All I did was rewire it with better wires. Also, I changed my 8 cell series pack to a (2x) 4 cell series packs which rejoin at a y-harness, is all the extra wire costing me power? Or could it be the fact that im not using the right charger (dynamite vision peak 2)? Lastly, what do you guys think about converting to sub-c sized cells from 2/3b? 4200mah intellect cells are just laying around my tool box
  5. Well yea I kinda agree on the "other gun idea" but this is my first gun and I bought it from a friend just to have it for when we airsoft... Honestly, all it rly needs to be able to do is compete with an ak, a high-powered sniper, colts/p38s/desert eagles, and another gun thats like an m4/ak mix. Overall I just need 320-350 fps, nice ROS, accuracy to about 300ish yds, and great runtimes
  6. Sweetness... One last question, do u suggest using a 6/7cell sub-c or an 8cell 2/3b? Thanks!
  7. Alright ill make sure to pick up the right mag...can I just tape them together for the side by side style or would I need some kind of spacer between them? And for battery setup, the gun can be connected to 2 batteries, but it never will be. Its set up so that when my 8cell in the frontstock runs out of juice, I can unplug it and plug in my 6cell in the butt for a little extra playtime
  8. Wow that sounds like quite a bit of gearbox modding... Per say I want to keep the standard gd and just get a stiffer spring, would a 9.6v work as well as putting in a hotter motor? And what would you suggest for cells, 2/3b or sub-c? I have vast amounts of both
  9. Oops haha sry bout my noobness... And I just read the tutorial on upgrades so im looking to shoot about 350fps with as good of a range as I can get. Im thinking 150% spring, 6.03 barrel, drop 2 teeth on the pinion or get a slightly fast motor. Can you suggestbrands here? And what will the jg gb improve? Thanks again
  10. Well ive already wored it for dual batts (butt and handgaurd/foregrip/forestock/ part where you hold under the barrel) and what is a jb gb? Other than that all I need is barrel extension and barrel upgrade. Mods I can do pretty well with so throw it at me!
  11. Well, I recently got a BE SWAT SL8 from a friend and after reading this http://www.airsoftretreat.com/reviews/show...=124&cat=58 I will most likely be looking to upgrade the gun. At least id want to add a scope, different barrel (aluminum one is junk), and possibly stiffer spring and hotter motor. What brands would guys suggest to get these thing from. What other upgrades are suggested for this gun? Thanks!
  12. Acidz yup thats the one, no barrel extension though... Anyways, im still looking to put a red dot on it and maybe get another mag as well as bbs... I spent all of yesterday rewireing the system so my 8-cell pack now fits in the foregrip (forestock, whatever you call it) and a 7-cell in the butt. There are a lot of wires in there now so things got pretty tight when I put the gun back together. I am now noticing a signifigant problem, being that the gun will hardly ever chamber a round. Im thinking that I could have messed with the allignment between the gearbox parts and the actual barrel, but im not quite sure yet... Any thoughts? Thanks guys
  13. Hey guys this is my first post so be gentle with me :) anyways, I just bought what looks like an sl8 fom a friend for $70. It looks exactly like the classic army sl8 except for a few things; the battery is in the stock, it has no bipod, no carrying handle/3x scope, and the barrel barely pokes out past the end of the foregrip... So did I get something with a few mods (it came with a hicap mag) or did I get a non-brand name gun? Either way I like it, im just tryig to find out what I should look for. Also, itd be great if someone could link me or suggest a brand/model or red-dot or green-dot that will fit my rail system. Also, im currently using .2g pellets, but im told .18 is optimal? What do you guys think? Thanks a lot in advance!
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