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  1. Beautiful gun mate! free bump!
  2. Ugh, so nice.... wish I could justify this purchase.
  3. Hello all, selling a bunch of things I'm currently not playing with as much as it pains me. Prices are somewhat firm but I'll entertain offers. NOT looking for trades. It'd have to be something interesting if I were to trade for anything. Now Items, prices, and pics! Also Please PM me for a response, I only use Paypal. I represent items for sale to the best of my knowledge, feel free to ask any questions Most likely will deny trades, open to cash offers. G&P Sentry with DMR upper, Gen.1 Polarstar fusion engine with red nozzle. Parts consist of: - G&P Magpul lower receiver - ACM magpul MOE motor grip - G&P VICTOR crane stock - G&P ambidextrous magazine release button - Gen1 V.2 FE installed by Bingo. I believe my gun here is still pictured on his site. - No mock bolt covers sorry guys. Short upper - G&P VLTOR upper with G&P Sentry rails - G&P 10.5" outer barrel with flip up sights and VLTOR flash hider - 300mm Prometheus EG barrel tightbore with standard style up up in a G&P hop chamber. DMR Upper - G&P VLTOR upper - 10" noveske rails not sure if ACM or Madbull - 16" Madbull Noveske outer barrel with gas block - 455mm Prometheus EG tightbore barrel. It currently has a HS5 ER hop installed with G&P hop unit. Please note this barrel grouping is a few years old now. I'll sell the lot of it for $800 shipped I think. Might be willing to part stuff out depending on offers. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Next up is another nice external set, please ignore the FE in this one, it's not for sale. This is a Polartstar tactical receiver set produced by VFC. I bought the PR-15 shown here, changed up the front end, and now I'm selling everything but the FE. Parts consist of: - Polarstar lower receiver with unique serial number and all furniture. Hardly used but there is a nick on the left side. - VFC crane stock and buffer tube, very nice feel - VFC thin pistol grip - VFC upper receiver with 16" Madbull Noveske outer barrel - 12" ACM Noveske rails - ACM black vortex flash hider - 455mm 6.23 Orga barrel installed into a VFC clear hop up chamber. This inner barrel is in great shape and I'd probably be willing to part it out. All in all I'd like to try and get $300 for this set with the Orga. It's really in pretty great shape and would make a beautiful DMR. --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Last grouping here are left overs. - ACM Crane stock, never used but it's nothing great - $25 - G&P Magpul lower receiver, brand new, have the mock bolt unjamming button. Can probably find some of the other furniture for it also - $65 - Polarstar blue nozzle - $7 - ACM magpul MOE stock - $25 - Siegetek 20:1 DSG set - $80 -->This is one of the earlier versions of Riot's gears but they've never been greased up and are still ridiculously strong. I'm 95% sure the ratio is 20:1 unless the early Riot gears were made in 18:1. It's around there.
  4. I'm looking to buy these, PM me if looking to sell! - Neo motor cans and boneyard motors - G&G Elcan 1-4x replica optic - Modfiy ceramic bearings - BTC Spectre MOSFET for V2 - Siegetek 14:1 SSG or DSG, mainly looking for the step and bevel. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hello, looking for a few Neo cans if anybody has extras that they're looking to get rid of. PM me thanks.
  6. Hi, if you have a G&G 1-4x Elcan that you no longer want, PM me. Thanks
  7. Extending sale here. Price drop on the AWS Raptor to $80 shipped! I do have the propietary selector plate spring as well if anyone is wondering. Secondly I have a System Super Core piston in great shape for sale also. For those of you that don't know this an extremely durable piston. It already has the second to last tooth removed and part of the third to last tooth for proper AOE. The black stuff in the teeth is just the remnants of the gear grease that was used. I'm looking to get $30 shipped for this since they tpically go for $50 new, are super durable, and is already modified for proper AOE. I can not see any wear from use on the plastic teeth, I hope you can see that from the picture. Both the MOSFET and the piston came out of the same gun. Both are in great, almost new condition. The gun they were picked from did not even have 500 rounds through it. I accept PayPal only, PM if interested, and thanks for looking! PRICES: AWS Raptor - $80 shipped Super Core - $30 shipped Updated pics:
  8. Hello all, tonight I am selling an AWS Raptor MOSFET, wired to the rear. These are no longer in production, this one has seen little use and for that reason is in great shape! I picked it out of Decon's SR15 to be honest, after testing it, it works perfectly. I'm selling this because I prefer BTC FETs. The only thing I'll trade this for is either Siegetek gears or a BTC Spectre Mosfet. If you'd like to buy with cash I'm looking for $90 shipped, as I said this is like brand new. Don't be afraid to offer though, worst I can say is no. I have the Original manual in decent shape as well. Thanks for looking!
  9. These go for close to $300 used so that's what I'm going to offer on it. Take it or leave it. PM me if interested.
  10. Hey pretty self explanatory. Im looking for a MAG brand auto wind m249 box mag. Please PM me if you have one that you are looking to sell. Thanks!
  11. Hello all, I rounded up all of the things I am not using and here it is. Please PM me if you are interested in an item. Shipping is negotiable and I only use paypal. Here is everything together, I'll list it off here and put close ups below. - HurricanE XPS3 Holosight replica - $165 - BTC Chimera MOSFET - $85 - 5x MAG metal mids, 190 rnds each - $60 - G&P Magpul lower receiver - $70 - BROKEN KJW m1911 Tactical with 3 mags. - $30 - Thunder B package - $18 - 4x G&P midcap mags - $40 - AimTop High cap - $10 - 3x PMags, green box kind - $15 - Magpul PTS M4 MOE trigger guard black - $8 - SHS Gen.3 18:1 ratio gears - $18 - Stock VFC ferrite motor - $8 - PolarStar blue nozzle - $10 - Systema oilless 6mm metal bushings - $5 - Angel 6mm metal bushings - $5 - Type 0 Chrome cylinder - $5 - M4 triangle front sight - $5 - M4 carry handle - $8 - ACM Crane Stock - $30 - ACM carry handle rail mount - $5 - ACM metal foregrip - $5 - ACM vortex style flash hider - &5 - HurricanE XPS3 Holosight replica. Had this for a while and haven't been using it. Item is in great condition, all functions still work. Comes with original box, manual, battery, and 2 lens covers. Has auto brightness control etc. Asking $165 - MAG brand metal midcaps, box of 5. These mags are brand new, maybe 2 were loaded up once. Condition is more or less perfect, for the box I'm asking $60 - BTC Chimera MOSFET. Originally this was used, as a V.1 Chimera until I sent it out to be swapped for the V.2, I have not used it since the swap, like new condition for this reason. Comes with a deans power connector, mini tamiya power connector, 2 sets of data cables, the motor connectors, and the manual. Asking $85 - G&P Magpul lower receiver. I only wanted to upper so now I have this to get rid of. Brand new, no furniture with it right now but I'm sure I could dig the pieces up if somebody was interested. Asking $70 - ACM Crane Stock. This is from a no name distributor. Plastic feels good and it even comes with buffer tube and a mounting hole for a QD sling. I have not yet figured out how to get the battery door open although I haven't given it too much time either. This is brand new, never mounted, asking $30 - BROKEN KJW m1911 Tactical with 3 mags. IIRC both of the GG mags do not leak and function fine, one has a new valve. There is also an unused CO2 mag I will include. The problem with the gun is that I believe the outer barrel is binding with the slide because with each shot the slide get stuck in the rear position. Selling it for parts as its hi capa compatible to my knowledge. Asking price is $30 - Thunder B package, I have 11 brand new shells, 3 brand new pins, and most of a core left. There IS an issue with the core, the black threaded sleeve that connects the top and bottom of the core has been cracked and will not hold an air seal. Not sure if extra core sleeves can be found but regardless the shells and pins are all brand new. Asking price $18 - 4x G&P midcap mags (left). These are great mags as you all know, they are in good condition but have been used. I would like to sell them all together. Asking $40 - AimTop High cap, hardly used (right). Asking $10 - 3x PMags, green box kind. They are midcaps, hold about 80 rnds each I believe. Looking to sell all three for $15 - ACM metal foregrip coated in rubber, asking $5 - M4 triangle front sight with accessory pieces. I believe this came off of a KWA M4 back in the day. Asking $5 - Magpul PTS M4 MOE trigger guard black. Asking $8 - SHS Gen.3 18:1 ratio gears with the 10 tooth bevel. Never used, asking $18 - Stock VFC ferrite motor, works great, asking $8 - Systema oilless 6mm metal bushings. Never used, all 6 are there. Asking $5 - Angel 6mm metal bushings. Also Never used, all 6 are there. Asking $5 - Type 0 Chrome cylinder made by refitting house? Cylinder has ridges for better heat dissipation, never used and looks to be quality. Asking $5 - M4 carry handle, also believe this came off of a KWA M4, feels like a quality piece, has light wear. Asking $8 - ACM carry handle rail mount with screw, asking $5 - PolarStar blue nozzle, maybe 2k shots through it. Asking $10 - ACM vortex style flash hider, CW threaded. Asking $5
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