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  1. Im either looking to trade airsoft items for or trying to buy a macbook air. Everything must work. Pm me and let me know what you have
  2. Im here to vouch for Chris as we've been friends (whether he likes it or not) for about a year and hes honestly a good guy. He came to me with this and others had confirmed that Logan owes them items, so I am too concerned. I'm personally offering a $10 donation
  3. I severely doubt anybody will buy anything from you without any pictures. Also, you should say specifically what youre selling, not vague brand and weapons
  4. Title says it all. Tell me what you have and a price. PLEASE PM ME. POSTING HERE IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME
  5. Im looking to pick up a dmr or around $200. Im not to picky, but it must either use m4 mags, or be an SR25 M16s are also fine
  6. Fuctions perfectly. ive owned it for about 3 weeks
  7. looking for g17s now. or $160 shipped
  8. RULES: you ship first unless you have substantially more feedback. no thread crapping Once I give the item to UPS/USPS it is no longer my responsibility Feel free to offer things Now to the sale/trade This is my g&g m14 veteran(real wood stock) Selling points: Very quiet Awesome gearbox design Full wood stock Upgrades: Unknown stainless steel tbb, with awesome crowning Flaws: Receiver has a second hole drilled in it for some weird scope mount The stock was cracked by the previous owner, but was repaired very well and is not stronger than newT The stock is still discovered. But the included cheek rest covers it Pictures The second hole: http://i744.photobucket.com/albums/xx87/iw...till0000-59.jpg the discoloration and crack(NOTE: no the crack does not go all the way down, it just appears like that in the picture, the crack is about 3-4incges, starting at the rear of the gun) For this im looking for some kind of DMR that takes m4 mags. I will consider bullpups
  9. RULES: no thread crapping unless you have substantially more feedback, you ship first. Do not offer me a WE, socom gear, or CQB master pistol. I don't care what they come with or whats in them. I don't want it. Looking to pick up a different pistol. im looking for any KWA/KSC or TM pistols, with a few exceptions. I do not want; KWA USP (obviously) TM Desert Eagle TM Detonics Aside from those few pistols im pretty much open to anything thats an even trade. Ill get more pics up later $180 shipped to buy it
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