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  1. hi I am use a edgi 650 ported 6.00 , in my tanaka m700 aics , no problem Like I mention that to me is not the most important pipe, but the piece to push the rubber nub hop and more importantly, the Nineball as the other are in a knot, this makes it very unstable, it is much better without it, now I do my own nubs, and I'm also about to start making my own inner barrel Greetings and I hope you finish yours....
  2. very very niceeee please send my more picture a the_warlock<AT>hotmail.com you use msn ? thanks Warlock from uruguay
  3. very very gooddd please tell me outer barrel for tanaka aics , where buy ? tell me what magic in thanaka ? is green gas , co2 ? hpa ? very thanks sorry for my english Warlock From uruguay
  4. Full equip sniper team Ghillie Tanaka m700 aics co2 Socom gear 1911 desert Snife Muela typhoon Gps Garmin etrex cx vista. Rangefinder Weaver t850 laser max Throat mic iasus sniper pro wileyx pt 1 gloves hatch ppg 1 Radio multiband Anemometer
  5. tanaka M700 AICS preband edgi 00 ported 655 King Arms VSR kit nineball , rubber personally built without extrusion. (personally made mold, rubber, vulcanized latex) g & g magazine kit g & g red rubber co2 palmers regulator extras -magazine modified -Custom aluminum muzlebreak -tactical knobs -t8 silencer scout , is a real silencer -harris bipod -m1 scope King Arms -(vsr kit is modified. has a type arms. to have an idea type vsr. final piece type scs) fps 450 to 1200 now in 600 fps + - 1 to 3 fps sorry for my englis use google translator
  6. sorry I am using a google translator my question is which one do you recommend echo 1 M28, m24 Javeline
  7. good as ever I fall with interesting queries I decided to invest in an m24, just because I like it, I'll leave it as my tanaka hi end. + upgrade and mod upgrade good post idea is that you recommend and why. m24 javelin, this is compatible with the upgrade of aps2 echo 1 M28, this is compatible with the upgrade of vsr minus cylinder. since this is longer. ca m24, the truth and not seen much of it in the network. maybe I miss some good model but these seem appropriate if you do not invest in vsr:) well I would like to know if anyone has seen, he could pull etc etc. thanks
  8. hi is a magazine for tanaca aics has many modifications. you remove a gas cylinder, I cut the other, cut the casing. Warlock
  9. Tanaka m700 aics inner barrel edgi 6.00 650 mm ported kit vsr king arms kit magazine g&g creation aluminium chamber supressor adapter , aluminium sound supressor t8 scout original , aluminium kit g&g buckings , only use in the bolt. knob tactical in aluminium. nine ball bucking. kit co2 palmers rock regulator adapter 12g co2 inner spacer in nylon magazine modified ( a single gas cylinder, the casing is cut out, was modified to co2) bipod harrys scope 3,5-10x40 king arms mcnett woodland digital FPS 460 to 850 .20
  10. the final test :) the verdict. thanks from Uruguay
  11. si voy a iniciar desde cero toda la camara "CHAMBER" una pregunta ? termino el testeo de los bbs ? muchas gracias por la ayuda
  12. hello at the end got the result of the bbs? very good post please if you put them data thank you very much Greetings from Uruguay
  13. jaja es el google translator ;) la idea de tener uno nuevo es que no logro dejarlo fino , o peor aun un dia armo y queda mas que bien , pero vuelvo a desarmar para limpiar o algo , y ya no queda igual , y se pasan horas tratando y tratando gastando bbs y nada. Ahora la gran pregunta es asi este rol ? nunca es un rifle fino ? la gente que posee los vsr hablan cosas muy notables , esto es verdad ?. lo que yo quiero lograr es que siempre quede lo mas parejo posible. desarmo una y otra y siga funcionando bien. se puede lograr ? gracias
  14. con el sistema de king arms para vsr , y la camara creation , no puedo repetir resultados , un dia me quedo mas que bien , al otro tira para donde quiere. es verdad que lo mas importante es el contacto con el bb , pero no queda siempre bien , la idea es crear algo que obligue a que queda igual siempre. o intentar que eso pase. mi tanaka tiene todos los upgrade del mercado , mas muchas cosas echas a medida en el tornero , y la verdad no me satisface. es todo un tema. pero bueno intentare esto para ver que pasa. saludos
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