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  1. P1020948 by okarkut, on Flickr P1020940 by okarkut, on Flickr P1020936 by okarkut, on Flickr P1020929 by okarkut, on Flickr
  2. Ok here is the kit-list: Head: Bundeswehr Boonie Hat/Comtac II (not on me)/ ESS ICE glasses/OD Shemagh Top: BW Smock/ Riggers Belt/Arktis Hybrid Battle Vest and inside: 4 G36 mags/FAK/Esbit Stove/Survival Can/KM2000 Legs: BW Combat Pants/ Original BW bandages/gauze/ Dropleg holster with my ultra custom g18c KSC/2mags Shoes: HAIX KSK3000 Shoes (not in the pic) My G36: Homemade silencer/ lightstick on the stock/ear plugs/ original g36 scope Underwear: BW OD t-shirt/ BW OD wool socks/ BW Underwear Things to buy: Kampfrucksack or Berghaus Atlas/Eotech sight/Safariland leg holster
  3. Hi This is my German Kampfschwimmer loadout. It is composed of 99% authentic gear including the underwear! The gun is an SRC g36k GEN3 P1020929 by okarkut, on Flickr P1020936 by okarkut, on Flickr P1020940 by okarkut, on Flickr P1020948 by okarkut, on Flickr P.S.: Im sorry, but I was too lazy to put on my boots. A kit list will be posted if demanded!
  4. Nice Loadout... Could you post a pic of the back??
  5. The mp5 drop leg pouch was empty then ,but today I got 3 additional mags and now have 9. I dumped using that back pack and now I have a Camelbak. I also have a new MBITR by Toy Soldier and this is my review!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrLaDOSBrFs...feature=mh_lolz :wub:
  6. Nice loadout. Maybe buy some alta kneepads.
  7. I think its a good loadout overall. Maybe add some pictures of your right side. Oh and Nice HAT!!!
  8. Oh and I cannot dump the bag as it's my camelback
  9. Hi guys and thanks for the advice. 1. I know it isn't a USMC loadout and it wasn't supposed to. 2.The strips hanging around will be cut off. They are dangling around in the pic as I just got'em 3.A+ and Ab+ is because I wasn't sure of my blood group ,but it's AB+ 4.This loadout is just the most useful Ive had. Any more suggestions?? Oh and the weapons used in the picctures are the CA MP5 with G&G Rail System and the Glock KSC/KWA G23F Metal
  10. I forgot about my shemagh so just imagine its there!!
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