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  1. Want to trade my Haynes for anything cool. Offer up, NO CHINESE CRAP!
  2. Trade a nice TM PSG-1 for the L86 or the M14
  3. Totally badass TM PSG-1 for it?
  4. http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/44837811..._paintball.html We use those in a paintball "cannon" at a local field. They can be used again. Sweet tank dude.
  5. DBC barrel, firefly bucking, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I want to squeeze more range out of this. Would the G&G Tanaka mag packs help any? I'm building an air rig right now too. Thanks
  6. http://www.dentrinityshop.com/den_search.j...pg=2&rpp=10 Second from the top. yay.
  7. Only thing is, my thread isn't a question. You've seen my projects on here...you ever think I'm sober when I do this stuff? hahaha only when I run the lathe or mill...
  8. I GOT A SHOTGUN AND A RIFLE AND A FOUR WHEEL DRIVE... This will probably be the most epic spare parts builds ever devised. 25 dollar crap box 416, and a whole bunch of other parts from guns past. This will not be some 60 RPS 400 FPS beast, but it will look cool and I'm gonna build it in my spare time. Gonna paint the barrel/gas block black again. I need to bend the CAS-V RAS back so it will snap back together, and rebuild the CA gearbox.
  9. Send G&G an email saying how their product sucks. They'll probably send you a new lower if you word it right and tell them what happened, under what circumstances, provide some sort of math backing you up, and offer ways they can fix it. Or you can JB-weld it and pray it doesnt break.
  10. If you REALLY want one, shoot me a PM and I'll help you out. I got a guy that has 3 or 4 of them. The gun in this thread needs something different. It looks like a magpul lego external build. Shove some real steel Sampson or POF on it. Sounds like a monster internally though.
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