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    Nashville, TN
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    Airsofting! I also enjoy working on airsoft guns in my spare time. I usually spend more time working on them than I do actually playing because of my work hours.

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    KS P90 Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 CA M15a4 SPR CA B&T Mk5a4 CA Aug A2 AGM L96 KWA M226 PTP

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  1. BigTr33z left Positive feedback   

    Echo1 Zombat receiver

    cypher235 was The Seller

  2. jlocopb left Positive feedback   

    I bought a lipo and charger from cypher

    cypher235 was The Seller

  3. chaddylehner left Positive feedback   

    Propane adaptor

    cypher235 was The Seller

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