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  1. Like the title says, trying to find a nice motor grip for a build Im doing. G&P, Magpul, VFC, anything higher end really. Any style is fine, I actually prefer the standard m16 grip.
  2. Looking for a metal body set. Just a bare upper and lower really but if it has a rail and outer barrel I like I may still be interested. Not too concerned about cosmetics as long as the body isn't bent or broken. The paint can be scratched to heck for all I care. This is going to be painted anyways. Really wanting a g&p receiver set, but any jg/echo 1 metal body would do. Looking to spend around 30-60 bucks depending on what you got.
  3. Need to get one of these as soon as possible. It is the echo1 mp5 that has the blowback and is now discontinued. Cracked the front off and tried to replace with another aftermarket gearbox shell but it does not fit the body properly. If anyone has one please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Surprised no one mentioned sticking with the same setup you have now, and just getting a chimera fet. You could slow the rate of fire, while still keeping the trigger response that you want. Problem solved :)
  5. Also be careful if you decide to replace the stock lonex pinion gear. Aftermarket ones seem to have a tighter fit then the lonex pinion, and I have actually bent the shafts on several lonex motors trying to install a different pinion. Personally the lonex pinions will do just fine if they are properly shimmed and motor height is set properly. I've never had a failure of the stock lonex pinion gear. But they are definitely on the softer side.
  6. You need to swap the thing underneath the pinion with the bearings in it on the lonex motor (forget what this is actually called) with the spacer under the pinion off the stock motor. That is why the Lonex motor will not fit. If you need me to I can take pics of the motor on my rdw and show you what you need to change.
  7. Didn't really read through all your numbers. Just wanted to say there are a surprising amount of paintballer's who come over to my local field telling me how much worse airsoft hurts then paintball. So you can't really base it all off numbers as people all interpret pain differently.
  8. Have you tried Bioshot .32's? Maybe that's what you're using, but I hardly consider them expensive at $19 a bag. Our shop sells .25 non bio's for 15 a bag, not a huge jump in price. And they have been some of the best performers for me, even better then heavier rounds like .43 madbulls and javelins.
  9. Bump for the day. May look at parting it out soon if I get enough interest in all the parts.
  10. Bump. Don't be afraid to make an off worst I can say is no.
  11. Up for sale are the internals to a DSG build based off a G&P gearbox. Paypal only Buyer pays shipping cost No lowballs please PM me with any questions Can take pics of actual inside of the gearbox on request What exactly is for sale: G&P Magpul moe grip Lonex A2 Motor Sky Lipo 4400mah 40c 11.1v battery G&P v2 gearbox shell with the following internals: Terminusx 8mm tungsten carbide bushings Siegetek Cyclone DSG gearset SHS 15 steel tooth piston (Swiss cheesed, all extra teeth removed) VS bearing piston head Siegetek DSG spring Siegetek Spring Guide Spacer Modified SHS tappet plate G&P Full Cylinder G&P cylinder head (with Sorbo installed) G&P Air Nozzle G&P spring guide MOSFET made by me wired to deans with 30 amp polyfuse This is a ready to go DSG system. Just needs a body with hop up and barrel to drop into. I'm including the grip so you don't have to worry about adjusting motor height and throwing off the shimming (make sure you check the fitment of the grip to whatever body you install it in) Asking for 350 OBO.
  12. Stay away from deepfire.. That's way overpriced and not that great. For the piston I would go with a SHS 15 Steel tooth piston. If you want a complete cylinder set something like this would be far better then that deepfire. Just keep in mind it's from a hong kong shop and express shipping will cost you about 19 bucks. But that's still half the price of the deepfire when you include the SHS piston that sells for 9 bucks. http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/produc...catid=&cat=
  13. I would stray away from terminusx unless you want to use his bushings. That's pretty much the only decent thing he has. You may need a set for your siegeteks if you don't wanna go with modify ceramics. The stock bearings may last for a while though. So get the lonex pom piston head for sure, it's good stuff. The science behind sorbo pads??? All the sorbo pad does is act as a spacer to move the piston further back to correct AoE. The plus is that it will also absorb some of the shock from the piston head hitting the back of the cylinder head and lessen the stress on the gearbox shell.
  14. I've worked on quite a few elite force m4's. And have had zero problems with any of them when installing SHS gears. There was usually a huge amount of play to work with. Do you have a shim kit? They will come with different sizes all the way from .1 mm to .3 mm. If you're just trying to re shim using the shims that came in the gearbox that could be your problem. They were pretty thick shims from what I can remember. Also when you shim make sure you put ALL the screws back in the shell when checking for play. I know some guys here will say I'm lazy and I do it without the screws and it turns out fine. But it seems like you're new to this, so don't skip any steps. The way I shim usually takes me about an hour from start to finish, don't try to cut corners when you're new at something!
  15. You bought a cheap gun, with a decent gear set, metal bushings, metal spring guide, good motor (if its the neo motor), and beyond crappy compression parts. I tried everything I could to get a good seal with the stock compression parts, I'm convinced the stock cylinder is ever so slightly oversized. My suggestion, is to replace the piston, piston head, cylinder, cylinder head, air nozzle, and hop up bucking. Keep the stock spring they actually put a fairly hot spring in their guns, some of them come shooting around 360 to 390 with .25's even though they have barely any compression. On a side note is this the plastic bodied version, or a metal body version? If it's the plastic version with the 2 piece hop up, then the hop up bucking is proprietary. A&k uses some kind of lipless bucking, and when you swap out to a normal one the lips stick out on the inside of the hop up and will affect the bb's feeding. Solution to that is to modify the gun for a one piece hop up.
  16. Questions? Apologies if I skipped over something that was already covered and re posted it here.
  17. Darn KWA's and their QC.... But seriously. they aren't made to TM spec and as such not all aftermarket parts made for TM spec V2 gearboxes will work.
  18. In need of a JG G36 in decent shape externally. Can be in any condition internally, completely broken or whatever. As long as the body is in good condition I will buy it. Pm me if you have anything, thanks.
  19. Needing to buy some lonex A1 long type motors. Pm me if you got anything please and thanks.
  20. I am in need of a gearbox shell for a ks/echo1 p90. Please pm me if you got anything, thanks.
  21. I need a metal m4 upper receiver for a jg or dboys or anything compatible with either of those brands. Let me know if you got anything asap, thanks.
  22. Meh, if the gearbox breaks I'll replace it, no big deal. The back piece broke after I dropped it on the ground while attaching it to my sling, thought it was attached properly, let go, and it wasn't...
  23. I actually ended up drilling a hole in the back of the gearbox so the threading on the spring guide is exposed. Get a longer 10-32 machine screw and you can screw the piece that holds the stock right onto the gearbox.. Wish I would have done this before it broke, the two side pieces are still broken off and the stock now has a slight wobble to it..
  24. This design works flawlessly. The only ways I've ever had them fail are when the customers decide to break the wires off the mosfet... Oh and I run them on 14.8v lipos with no heating problems on the mosfet... motor is not too fond of it though.
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